I need advice re: monthly field service report

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  • under_believer

    I stopped going out in service about a year ago. Just couldn't take it anymore. After that, I still continued "studying" with my kids and "counting the time" for that. Eventually I stopped that too--couldn't take that anymore either.
    At this point I'm not engaged in any activites that I could "count time" for. I haven't turned in a field service report for about four months. Last month they called me, and I told them I didn't go out. I still make the majority of the meetings, to support my wife.
    Is this going to draw undue attention to my attempt to fade? Should I be turning in fake field service reports? Or is simply swearing off of them altogether a viable strategy?
    Please, may I have your advice on this matter?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    turn in fake ones!!! otherwise you will be on their hit list. that is what i do.

    wac - XbetheliteXlder

  • TresHappy

    Follow the formula:

    Fake service reports = they will leave you alone = more time for you and your family = make it look good by keeping your service bag full

    of current WT...

  • primitivegenius

    it depends on what you want to accomplish. If you just want them to stay off of your backside then sure fake em and forget em and my personal fave F*** em. If you are still attending meetings then why not fake the time sure, but if you want them to leave you alone completely.... it will never happen as long as your padding their reports. If you keep fakeing the national average then what the hell do they care..... and we all for damn sure know that wont go UP.

  • moomanchu

    3 hours for a while then 2 hours then 1hour then 0 takes time to slowly fade into the background

    Eventually you will deal with the elders then say as little as possible and just delay answering their questions no direct answers give answers like a politician would.

    They will stop bugging you because of their reasoning that you know the truth and the burdens on you blah blah blah...

  • inbyathread

    Matthew 6:1 and Gal 6:4

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    under_believer, I really feel for you. Simply count all the informal witnessing you do on line here at JWD. What they dont know wont hurt em, right? Just dont tell them that your doing it on line because then they'll begin to understand your inactivity.

  • bennyk
    Matthew 6:1

    Yep. I've used that one, myself. And at the time it appeared to have worked.

  • Angelica

    Are we all suffering here? I stay with the meetings and field service time to support my wonderful daughter. So today, my/her bookstudy we had the visit of the service overseer. YIKES! I fogot that they hand out the service cards for personal review and meditation... Now, I have the dilemma of daughters pressure to participate in the ministry on Saturday with the service overseer or fake illness. I don't think I have turned in more than 2 hours/month in the past year. Prior to reading the responses here, I had decided that April was the final month for turning in time, but now what? I could go out, waste time, and NOT COUNT IT! That could be interesting.

    My daughter is a Witness due to my fine example and training. I should mention that her husband is an elder, a liberal one at that. I feel that I owe her/them the support. But what will they feel when they find out that, for years now, I have only been there for her? Some day soon, I hope the sham is over. 2 years ago, I thought I had attended my last district convention and here we are again...

    At least we know that we aren't suffering alone!

  • inbyathread

    Oh if I ever was handed my service records. I'd tear them up so fast. No more records. Ha

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