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    Those were my thoughts too. You strip the "bethel elders" of their authority so that when they re-enter the congregations, they will be viewed just as a normal publisher. That title, bethel elder, would certainly influence an elder body and the society cannot risk having disgruntled(I agree with SOTT, they are disgruntled!!!, and oh.... by the way WELCOME SOTT) individuals doing that. The society in all of their power hungry madness and arrogance has mad a HUGE mistake here. I too will anxiously watch as events unfold.


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    That is a very interesting first post, I look forward to more.

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    Thanks for you support, ENLcynic!!!

    I am not totally sure that our theory was the only reason, but it probably was a big factor. I also wondered if maybe they took the elders titles so that they couldn't protest so much on who got put on the cut list first, etc...while they were still at Bethel.

    Going further with the great theory as posted on the original thread -

    Does anyone have a current count of how many have been let go from the various US and Canada facilities? Is it up to a hundred or even several hundred now?

    Thanks, James

  • What-A-Coincidence
    The influence of an older bethel couple losing their faith would spread through several congregations. Why? Because at first everyone in a given area is going to want to attach themselves to the heroic returning Bethelites and their possible connections.

    This is so true because, when I departed Patterson Bethel the congregation wanted to make me Presiding Overseer, I declined. Now, I only do much as a Bible Study. I guess I downgraded. Elders are pissed cause they are loaded down with so much crap. I love sitting there and watching some of them give 3 parts per meeting while I just give the #4 parts.

    The Circuit Overseer told me that many in the circuit have asked him about me. mua ha ha ha.

    Comments from an elder in the hall have always been to the effect: "The congregation is waiting for you to do something, they are eager for you to share all that knowledge with us." Actually I do, when I go out in service, but not the knowledge they prefer.

    One hard core humble pioneer sister asked me while in service, "Wac, with all the bethel experience you must be great at service." I said no, Bethelites main work is not field service. Then as the conversation went along I told her of the many imperfections at bethel. I was so encouraged. I don't think she was

    Another Elder and I were talking about the mags. I told him that the writers don't have real life experience cause they are secluded. He said it does not matter because it's Jehovah's spirit who guides them. I did not go further, not ready for a JC.

    I talked with another Elder, I told them that I see a change in the 1935 doctrine because of the new appointments to the GB. He said something that did not make sense. I left it at that.

    wac - Of "the most i can is to discourage bethel class"

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    Terri, of the been free for 7 years and loving it, class!

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    It's all over folks! You ready to break out of Hotel California?

    LMAO @ WAC! What an apt name!!!


    Just as with any change to an organization there will be disgruntled ones that will attempt to make their cases to the R&F. They will be quashed, and thrown out if they continue. The WTS will continue to keep the R&F in their hermetically sealed environment, and nothing will change.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't want the Borg to exist any more than you all do. I am trying to be realistic in my thought process.

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    I can see it NOW! If the congs are responsible support for the layed-off Bethalites. Then contribution boxes will go empty because they are already paying for the DO and CO.

  • Forscher

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    I am very interested in seeing how this all eventually plays out. Think back on the 1980's Bethel witch hunt. Many of the folks who left at theat time are luminaries on the web today. Although the circumstances are different today, you can bet the ranch that the GB are using the opportunity to rid themselves of those they don't trust regardless of their positions. Considering that Franz was only given about $10,000 hush money when he left we can be sure that the GB will be equally niggardly with any hush money they hand out today. So there are going to be a bunch of pissed-off people among those victims.

    ''The most potentially dangerous have been paid off already''

    That did not work with Raymond Franz. The WT is too greedy to pay out enough money to keep disgruntled Bethelites quiet. It would take huge sums of money and perks which could be traced. If one of the "most potentially dangerous" ex-Bethelites discloses seriously damaging information, the WT will direct the local congregation to form a judicial committee and disfellowship the rat for causing divisions and apostasy, just like they did with Barbara Anderson.

    My understanding of what Franz wrote is that he would've kept his mouth shut if they'd just left him alone. He was trying to make a life for himself outside of Bethel. But they couldn't let it be. They just had to find a way to Df the man. So they deserved what they got!
    If they treat the disgruntled ones among the folks they are sending out in the same sick fashion, they'll ending up regreting it. And we will profit from it.

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