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  • gumby
    Bethel has always inculcated into the Bethelites that they are the cream of the crop, that many traveling overseers WANT to be Bethelites ... thus they have created monsters.

    trust me on this, the appointed time is now, it is here

    I wouldn't get too excited. The society can demonise these "desenters" in a heartbeat with a good Study article on how "many who were encouraged to leave bethel became 'haughty' upon their leaving and causing disruptions amounst Jehovahs people"....or something to that effect.

    I'm not tryin to be a bastard scrooge on this thing...I believe many will be affected by the influence of any who begin to bitch. If they don't bitch right, and if they bitch long enough red flags will rise among the loyal publishers and like a article, KM, a BOE letter, a CO's talk, ....will expose these 'bitchy bethelites' in a heartbeat.

    Remember......those who run the show for the WTBTS....are good.....real good. They are slowly falling, and this will aid in their demise.


  • VM44

    "Will the vows of silence that had us sign protect you? Perhaps! (What do you mean? Weren't we legally required to sign those 'waivers of responsibility' as we parted?"

    Are people leaving Bethel actually required to sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement? (that is, a gag order!)

    That form is something we should get, scan, and put up on the net.

    Might be hard to find a copy. I bet that they do not give the signing party a copy.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    ''The most potentially dangerous have been paid off already''

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Meant to add - A VERY BIG WELCOME Sign o Times. I'm so looking forward to more of your posts!

  • under_believer

    Upheaval? I hate to keep doubting this (because I very much would like it to be true) but... 400 Bethelites asked to leave? And how many congregations in just the US? It's gotta be over 10,000... Even if one Bethelite went to each congregation, that's only one Bethelite per 25 congregations. And a lot of those will be couples, not singles. And that's conservative--there are more than 10,000 congregations.
    I think what's more likely, rather than having a bunch of arrogant bastards causing unrest, is that the arrogant bastards themselves will be disgruntled and start spilling beans.
    I doubt this is as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be, sadly. I hope I'm wrong.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Yeah, I am probably dreamin or smokin or sumtin. Would I bet the farm on it? Probably not.

    I would like to think I causing considerable damage here in the NY circuit (especially the hall I attend). I am well known in the area, I get asked: "Can you give a talk in our hall?" sorry I stepped down. I am irregular for meetings, never to go the school and service, and comment once every 5 weeks, and I never go out in service and put in fake time.

    If you were at my hall, what would you think? A former bethelite and an elder with a great recommendation from his previous hall is doing next to nothing. If he can miss meetings and does not comment a lot why do I have to?

    Get my drift?

    Different circumstances for each bethelite getting the boot...what % will fade? What % will be dfed?

    The overall effect I believe (seriously now, I put the bong down know) ... will depend on x bethelite and how he "behaves" in his assigned hall, the x publisher will more or less see the effect bethel had on this former bethelite and may ask a few questions.

    i don't know ... only time will tell.

  • Panda

    Welcome and thank you for such interesting news. I hope that at least some of what you say is correct. Ya know about 15 years ago I recall a reg pio sister getting upset because apts were being added to KH's for CO's and their wives. She asked why should they have a free place to live. Well she's still a reg pio even though things like that bothered her.

    WAC you're doing a great job

  • Smiles
    ''The most potentially dangerous have been paid off already''

    That did not work with Raymond Franz. The WT is too greedy to pay out enough money to keep disgruntled Bethelites quiet. It would take huge sums of money and perks which could be traced. If one of the "most potentially dangerous" ex-Bethelites discloses seriously damaging information, the WT will direct the local congregation to form a judicial committee and disfellowship the rat for causing divisions and apostasy, just like they did with Barbara Anderson.

  • orangefatcat

    sign of the times a huge welcome.

    your information is most interesting. I'm sure that several bethelites will feel cheated out of so called secure home life at the WTS. I have like everyone else known bethelites, some are very sincere and humble and others are just plain puffed up with pride. Some Bethelites could seriously cause an avalanche in congregation. Some will of course work with the congregations, but when certain issues arise, I suspect some problems will prevail. Most Bethelites feel they are, (as some one stated) the creme de la creme. They may even try to usurp the humble elders of local congregations.

    It will indeed be interesting to see where this all leads to.

    Blondie how were you able to know the number of those who have already left Bethel. Was it in a magizne recently? Just wondering. I too feel 400 is quite low at this time, but if the numbers grow so will the problems.

    once again sott welcome, Like others i too eagerly await more postings from you. Are you a JW or and exjw if I may be so bold as to ask?


  • Gill

    Welcome S of the T!!!!

    So you think there might be some 'Murmurings' going on then?!

    I wonder if that is what the July 15th 'anti murmurings' articles are about then?

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