Do you run after garage sales?

by JH 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    I see them all over town, and I never stop at one.

    Seems to me that only junk is displayed, most of the times.

  • Warlock

    Junk that is probably possessed, I might add.


  • Nosferatu

    I love garage sales, and I always have! I've found myself some damn good stuff at damn good prices. Did I ever mention the almost complete drum set I bought for $15? There's an even bigger story on why I no longer have it, and it involves my asshole father.

    But yeah, when I have some money, I'll spend an entire Saturday morning going to garage sales. It's fun, but it can be depressing when you hit too many that are selling nothing but junk and jack their prices too high.

  • JH

    I know many people who go all around town to each one of them...And do it week after week, year after year.

    Maybe if I was looking for something that was discontinued, it would be a fine place to find it.

  • lovelylil

    I love them. I save a lot of money plus recycle something that otherwise would have wound up at the dump.

    One man's trash really is another man's treasure!

  • delilah

    Lovelylil said,One man's trash really is another man's treasure!

    and I couldn't agree more!! We use to go to garage sale after another, but have slowed down a bit. I have bought lots of things that are kids like to spend their allowances on comics and things.

    I have yet to acquire something with a "personality", shall we say?!

    I see carloads of witnesses at yard sales too, and have wondered if they count the time, while they're browsing?

  • greendawn

    I myself sold some very good stuff at garage sales at very reasonable prices. In Lille in France they give over the whole old city to become a market where everyone can try selling all the unwanted things in their houses.

  • Scully

    When the kids were little, we used to visit garage sales in the neighbourhood. We got some good used equipment that way, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

    If you know what brands to look for, you can really score big. For example, I bought a couple of Fisher Price items, a high chair and a baby swing. I think I paid $25 or $30 for both items. Well, when I got them home, a part was missing from the high chair. We weren't in a rush to use it, because the baby wasn't big enough yet, so I called the 1-800 number at Fisher Price and explained the situation. They sent me a packing slip to send it back to the factory at their expense, and they sent me a brand new high chair, even though they knew I'd purchased the original one at a garage sale.

    You can also find a ton of Tupperware that people no longer use. The company has a policy to replace broken pieces, so you can send them any pieces with cracks or splits in them and they will replace the item for you. I found a great microwave cookware set by Tupperware in a yard sale and paid $10 for it - to buy it brand new would have been over $100. I use it almost every single day.

  • lovelylil


    I personally did not count my time if I was out in service and stopped at a yard sale but I new an elder in one of my old congregations who did count his time and it was common knowlege that he did this!

    I finally got up the nerve one day to ask him how he can justify this. Well, after getting the usual look of "How dare you judge me I am a Pharisee... oops, I mean elder", he said this: Well, being out here and dressed for service is a witness enough for the householder as they know we are Jehovah's Witnesses!

    Does anyone want to try to explain this?

  • Warlock


    I was kidding about the possessed junk, HOWEVER, my brother-in-law and his wife did pick up something with a "personality" at a garage sale, and it wasn't a very pleasant "personality", either.


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