6-6-6 -vs- 9-11

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  • breeze

    I guess the 666 notion is here? I wonder if something big is going to happen today. I thought that maybe the terrorists would hit the US again today. It is almost lunch time in the US and so far nothing!!

    I have never heard anyone say that the terrorists did the 9-11 thing on that date on purpose. Since 911 is used in the US as an emergency code!!


  • Terry

    I think most honest commentaries have long realized that apocalyptic writings such as Revelation contained purposely vague statements to protect them from their persecutors while driving the messege home to people who sympathized with them.

    The 666 reference is just such a notion.

    Gematria was popular in Rome and among Hebrew peoples because of a quirk in their alphabet: they used letters for numbers!

    Mystics played around with this with too much time on their hands for anything but superstitious nonsense.

    The assumption became this; the bible had significance NUMERICALLY as well as LITERALLY.

    It only left them with the task of finding a signficance numerically to complete their "understanding".

    The Emperor NERO was a persecutor of Christians to the extent he blamed them for starting the fire that consumed Rome at the time.

    If you write the name and title of this emperor in the manner of the time (IN GREEK) it would be:


    Now it is only necessary to convert this into Hebrew letters (numbers) to see that the total "value" is 666.


    Some early manuscripts of Revelation give the number a 616 and this is what you'd expect if the name were written as:


  • KW13

    the lords witnesses (another cult) predicted that around today, or this week a Bomb will destroy the UN Building and since its so close, the Watchtower Society building...

  • steve2

    Playing around with numbers is a fun past time, but prone to convenient inconsistencies:

    How come in the first date, you include the month, day and year (6-6-6) but in the second one, you include only the month and day (9-11) but no year. Shouldn't it be 9-11-1? There goes the emergency number...

    Also, the whole concept of 6-6-6 is weakened if a zero is included, as in 06-06-06, as it is notated by some. Darn it: I've ruined the significance of the date.

    Promoters know a good thing when they see it. The only event of note about today is the worldwide release of the new Omen movie.

  • RachelHall

    breeze? Where are you? It is June 5th here in the states

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, Breeze, you're a day early! Tomorrow is 6-6-6. And I'll tell you what will happen.
    If you're not looking for it, nothing unusual will happen. If you are, you'll probably see something unusual occur. That happens everyday anyway, does it not?
    All the prophecies will certainly fail. And if someone thinks the UN and Bethel are close, they don't know NYC too well!

  • KW13

    lol i know that, it wasn't me that said it. Twas them Lords Witnesses!

  • Leolaia

    It's already 06-06-06 in Sydney, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila, Seoul, Vladivostok, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, etc. And in ten minutes, it'll be 06-06-06 in New Delhi.

    They just had a funny report on the news of pregnant women begging for C-sections to avoid having their babies born on 06-06-06. Kinda the exact opposite of the Millennium Baby thing. Really, all they gotta do is just not name their baby Damien.

  • RachelHall
    All the prophecies will certainly fail. And if someone thinks the UN and Bethel are close, they don't know NYC too well!

    Hehehhehe.....they sure don't! The UN is closer to 42nd street and the Tower is across from Manhattan near Wall street, Soho, China Town.

  • jstalin

    I'll have a delightful time going to see The Omen tomorrow... unfortunately there isn't a 6:06pm showing.

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