It's official. God doesn't exist.

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  • mkr32208
    God is not mocked.

    I mock his stupid ass all the time! So far, no lions! I was at the zoo today too! Your lazy worthless POS god missed his chance!

    This shows that God does exist because the man is foolish.

    WTF??? How does this show that!?

    God never told him to do that.
    How do you know? Maybe god (being a piece of crap) set him up!
  • tetrapod.sapien

    awww!!! look how God looks after his precious lions...

    "The man shouted 'God will save me, if he exists'

    this dude was one hardcore atheist, for sure. pub bets are the worst... lol


  • willy_think

    You know that was his own fault, He said “if he exists”. that is surly putting the lord our god to the test.

    Now what we need is a few good Christians to go in and give witness to the glory of god. Truly they will remain unharmed if there faith is great enough.

    Or the lions will fill up on the first ones and the last will be made first and the lambs of god will lie with the lions, at least until breakfast.

    Nothing’s perfect.

  • freedomlover

    LOL! thank you so much shall now be the NEW god because you proved the old god doesn't are amazing!

    seriously though.....(shaking my head) what a waste.....

    a superstitious myth that this man believed in, took his life.

  • metatron

    I understand the lion paused and offered a prayer of thanks before eating.


  • BlessedStar

    This shows that God does exist because the man is foolish.

    Allow me to explain and rephrase this sentence:

    Someone posted earlier that one should not tempt the Lord thy God which is exactly what this foolish man was trying to accomplish, hence God would not be tempted into saving this man just like that. Besides it's more like saying, "God if you are real you wouldn't let me kill myself!" He did not even believe in God.

    God gives us the freedom to make choices, however when we chose the way of the Lord you will be rewarded with eternal life. (life after death)



  • funkyderek

    Here's a much safer way of determining whether God exists:

    The Yo-God God detector

  • Dave_T

    I wish more fanatics had the courage of their convictions: lions would finally be properly fed...

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