It's official. God doesn't exist.

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  • daystar

    BS, I bet you'd be posting this frantically as proof that God does exist if the man had somehow been saved. Even though God will not be tested... Do you think you might think about that for a moment?

  • Undecided

    Poor guy, he should have know nobody can prove God exist.

    Ken P.

  • lovelylil


    you ask a very thought provoking question and you are right.

    Some people of faith say everything good that happens is a miracle or blessing from God and this is not neccesarily the case. As sometimes good things happen or people are saved simply because of coincidance and luck only.

    Which ever view you have, you should try to maintain a balanced one. Thanks for bringing that point out.

  • greendawn

    Was he suicidal and chose to die in this way? Normally God doesn't help people taht are estranged from him even if they declare a faith in him.

    Whatever the case one shouldn't do crazy things like that and expect God's help because we are all more or less estranged from Him.

  • metatron

    Of course God exists!

    It's just that he really likes lions and hates morons.


  • NewYork44M

    You got the story all wrong. God could save him. However, because of the man's faith god decided to give him the heavenly reward immediately as opposed to having this faithful man wait his whole life.

    So, what happened was absolute proof that god exists and rewards the faithful.

    How could anyone miss this most important point.

  • cruzanheart

    I think it proves God likes lions better than humans. How do we know the lion wasn't praying "please jump, pleeeeeease jump . . ."


  • parakeet

    Blessed Star said, "This man had no right to do what he did to prove that God exists. It's like asking God to make magic ----- and presto!"
    How would that be any less reasonable than the "poof--Earth!" theory?

  • itsallgoodnow

    We don't need someone to "test god" in this way to know he would get no rescue. I think we all knew how that would turn out. I think the only thing he proved was that idiots and mentally ill people do exist. I don't think it takes a drastic measure at all. It's all about how you interpret the information you receive. 2 people can take the same information and disagree about whether there is a "god". Something good happens, one person says, "god blessed you because you are good" and the other says "you have good luck". Something bad happens, one person says "god allowed this to happen so the world can see that Christians must deal with trials and can do so gracefully" and another says "bad luck". The thing that I think about most is people die in horrible ways every day, and you expect me to believe that God cares more about what I do with my genitalia than that? Petty, Petty God.

  • BizzyBee

    That Jeehoober! He be a wily rascal.......

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