Church sued over public shaming

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Very interesting, but a bit naive of the Pastor and his church.

    Of course, the Witnesses are a lot more legally savvy than this church. By not publicly revealing the 'sin' for which people are disfellowshipped, they avoid legal liability. And by treating disassociation just like disfellowshipping, they attempt to keep control over people even if they resign their membership

    Well, in my experience anyway, the jws don't make it public, but they do gossip about it in the kh.

  • wednesday

    also it is not just theat the sin is revealed or the person is df, it is what happens after. The family shuns, people get severly depressed, suicides , broken familes people who have not seen ther own family for years.

    this reporter also was told about the child abuse, molestation, rape situation that exists among the org. (ie that they were not reporting them to the police and what happens to the victim) He is interested.

    If you have any story you would like to tell him pm i'll give you his email address. Or you can read the article, and his emil address along with another reporter is at the bottom .

    he is interested. He is asking for info.

    He has a PEN and a column in a major paper. it is a chance to say something. I can't swear it will go anywhere, but you won't know until you try.

  • wednesday


  • wednesday

    I want to thank those who have pm'd me and are going to share their or any story they know about. . This column appears in the Metro section of the Dallas Morning News. If anyone has any story, shunning, child molestation, rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, , anythng that shows JWS hide what they do and conceal it so the org will look good but show no mercy or the victim, please think about sending a pm.

    the people i the church apparently went to a pastor to get help and per the article , the churchis telling the congregation and community. Apparenlty they feel they areproceding according tothe scriptures they cite.

    thanks to all.

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