Ok all you French Canadians.....

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  • Mary

    I didn't even known McDonalds made a poutine.......what do they do, recycle all the leftovers from the day and call it 'Poutine'?? LOL!

    I haven't had poutine in over 3 years (too fattening), but this is how we used to make it: You get yourself some kickass french fries, shred some mozzarella, colby and montery jack cheese, and pour the gravy over it (Swiss Chalet gravy is quite yummy). Oh ya, you'll need some sea salt or kosher salt too......we would sometimes add a bit of chili to it as well.....Mmmmm........oh great, now I'm thinking about poutine as I'm sitting here eating fat-free yogurt!!

    There is absolutely no fat, cholesterol or calories in poutine, so eat as much as you want.

  • Bstndance

    Cheese fries with gravy sounds southern already.
    Although, I am even less surprised that my grandparents died of heart disease. (french canadians)

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