If you've never eaten a...

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  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Hubert! Never had a mango? Find your nearest supermarket and MAN, GO!


  • juni


    I think Martha Stewart had some chef making a soufflet (sp?) the other day using mango. And he used the seeds.

    But before you do eat them, check it out as I can't remember for sure and I don't want someone to get sick or poisoned.


  • hubert

    Okay, Thanks, everyone.

    I'll get a Mango tomorrow, and the wife and I will share it.

    (Can't wait).


  • Gregor

    A mango only has one seed, it is a flat oval shape. A mango should have just a little bit of 'give' when you squeeze it gently. They are usually a mottled green and redish color about the size of a large pear (not to be confused with a large "pair" like Anna Nicole Smiths). The flesh is an orange/yellow.

    If you eat one before it is ripe it will cause no harm, just doesn't taste as good. If you're not sure, leave it out on the counter for two or three days before eating it. To peel it I like to make a small cut and start working a large spoon around under the skin. Even here in Oregon they are only about 89 cents apiece.

    Just be careful, sometimes they taste so good they make your knees buckle.

  • juni

    Thanks Gregor!!!!!! I have to go get groceries tomorrow so I'll get one.


  • Leolaia

    It wasn't until I moved here that I even heard of the concept of paying money for a mango. Back home, I'd just pick them off the tree. I remember one day in 8th grade I was walking to school with my friends and we found one by the sidewalk and we took it to school, checked it to be sure it was still edible, and pealed it and shared it with each other as our breakfast. Seems silly, but it was real fun at the time.

    My dad one year made mango chutney. We had soooooo many dang mangos it was the best way to get rid of them. I still might have a stray jar somewhere around here....

  • damselfly

    I looooove mangos! The ones in the stores lately haven't been good. I can't wait for some nice fresh juicy ones. They'll smell sweet when they are ripe.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    You all have got to be joking! I do believe manogs are the only fruit I've ever tried that I have absolutely no desire to ever taste again. Apples, good. Oranges, divine. Grapes, exquisite. Kiwi, a party in your mouth. Mango, uh, I'd give a colorful expression but it would be rude. ;-)

  • hubert

    Well, I took your advice, and bought a Mango today. The wife and I shared it. (Told ya I would).

    It was good, but truthfully, not my best fruit. Kind of messy and sticky.

    But then, I LOVE grapefruit, and those are sticky and messy too, so go figure.

    Anyway, now I can say I had one in my lifetime.

    Does it work like spinach does for "Popeye"? Because I feel stronger, now that I ate it.


  • RachelHall

    I am sorry to say I am allergic to Mangos.....My face swells up after a day of eating one and itches like crazy.

    The other poster must be thinking of Guava...one exotic fruit with all the seeds. I can eat Guava. Love it in a Jam or made with pastry. Without the seeds

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