Three tonnes of explosives and 17 terror suspect captured in Canada

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  • juni

    I just read about it when I came on line at the MSN page. Good thing they caught them and prevented more terrorism.


  • Undecided

    If you're arn't doing anything illegal why should you care if you get checked on? I don't care if they listen in on my telephone or whatever if it helps to catch criminals.

    Ken P.

  • ackack

    Yes, because we know when we give the government power to listen to our phone calls, *that* power won't get abused.


  • Mary
    Do you have a better suggestion for how our legal system should work? How about enacting prisons in defiance of international law the way the united states has done? Or perhaps we'd be better off just reverting to some sort of police state.

    Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, but it pisses me off to no end when I have to foot the bill for a wanna-be terrorist's lawyer to try every trick in the book to get them off on a technicality.

    Honestly though, is there a better solution?

    Ya. Maybe they should tighten up who they let into the country? In a case like this, lets assume these people are going to be found guilty, they should either be deported or shot for treason.

    It looks as though the physical evidence against these people is going to be overwhelming. Do Ontario courts tend to let people off in the face of overwhelming evidence?

    Can you say 'Karla Holmolka'?

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I agree that they need to be more wary of who they let into our country. But as the ages of those arrested shows, the real danger is the diffusion of the ideology. We need to pour more resources into CSIS.

    Have any of you fellow Canucks heard interviews of the Khadr family(used to be in Toronto)? If the government does (or did it???) let the rest of them back in, it would be a dire mistake. Their daughter is hard core. Abdul claims he's no longer part of the jihadi movement, but he's switched sides enough times that he can't be trusted.

    Also a bit closer to home for me, were the Jabarah brothers. They both even went to a Catholic school (Holy Cross Secondary). I wonder why they didn't choose the public school system? Maybe part of their cover? People who "knew" them, did realize they were concerned with the plight of muslims worldwide, but they raised funds in the guise of charity for the poor.

    I'm glad that this arrest shows how our agencies aren't sleeping on this matter.

  • LittleToe

    Eh, that's a lot of jello, eh?

  • Poztate

    There's a known terrorist who lives not more than 6 miles from where I live and the government has known for years that he's been involved in terrorist activities. But of course they won't deport him, because that would violate his Rights and if you know anything about the Canadian government, you know that above all else, we must protect the Rights of scumbags, even if it means sacrificing common sense. Which it most often does.
    Mary...You nailed it right on the head.

  • Tigerman

    Are there any active JW's that we can thank for helping catch these guys ? Oh ! That's right . . .the JW's are "above" those that help save people's lives, and just don't get involved in " worldly" affairs.

  • gumby


    I thought only the ol USA was the only ones in civilized countries that had to worry about these bastards. Guess I ain't movin to Canada now.

    Look out I come!!! .... ariba ariba!!, on-de lay!!, burrito, taco, banyo, me-ha, me-ho!!!!

    *practicin his spanish*


  • bisous

    *waves at gumby*

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