Got pierced?

by Mysterious 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • jwfacts

    As far as piercings and the platform, Circuit Assembly guidelines in the 1980's used to say that a sister with more than earring was not to appear on the platform. Not sure if that still stands though.

  • Es

    Yeah i have a belly button pierce and my ears.....thinking bout getting other places done heheh


  • merfi

    Hey Es! I've heard that if you want to keep the bb pierce open, put that weedeater line through it.... Not sure how well it would work, but anyways... thought I"d throw that out at ya.

    ~merfi (also considering "other places")

  • lonelysheep

    When I studied, I remember thinking how horrible it was for people to mutilate themselves and how they were doing such a disservice to jehov. Lol...

    When I was 20, I had my tongue piereced but took it out since the swelling never went down after two weeks. I would do it again now if it weren't for that. Well, and work, too!

  • Mysterious

    Did you try ice chips and ibuprofin for the swelling? Also it may be that the barbel was not long enough and the pressure of the jewelry made the swelling worse.

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