I'm Famous: I Was Mentioned at the D.C.!

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    bavman - that's really insensitive, has he no feelings for his grandson who was listening either? In my experience, dubs only recognise fellow dubs as having valid feelings.

    'has had to endure both his son and daughter leaving the truth.'

    ...and a lot of us have to endure our family members being in a high-control manipulative CULT.

  • simplesally

    Just saying hello ..... hope your sister doesn't hear what your dad said, it's hard enough to be shunned without having to have your reputation slandered.

  • blondie

    Sorry, Greg.

    Can't parents be the pits!

    Unfortunately, your parents probably talk bad about you to him when they are alone with him.

    Your son will have to learn to sort through the crap. That grandparents aren't always right.

    I'm sure my family has a few things to say to others...they did when I was a good dubbie.

    Love, Blondie

  • jwfacts

    It is so sad that you have to see your son getting that type of mis-education. I do hope you are able to get through to your son and remove him from such a damaging environment. It sends a shiver down my back every time I hear that my daughter has been taken to a meeting.

  • Mysterious

    Take comfort in the fact that most jw kids just HATE going and it's never too late to show them better just look around the board.

  • juni
    If I heard an elder giving a talk and he said that both his children left the religion, I would seriously wonder why they would allow him to be an elder. If he can not keep his own family in, then what hope is there for his congregation

    Free2beme - That's what they used to do. If you had kids still at home and 2 went astray, then you HAD to step down as an elder or MS. Now, I don't know if that was an organizational rule or our dear ultra conservative cong.'s rule.


  • loosie

    I hate it how the parents make it out to be about them. As if they are totally innocent in the situation.

    " ohh woe is me. The trials I have to go thru. None of which I brought upon myself"

    My mother does the same thing. None of kids talk to her becasue she soooo Toxic to be around. But of course she thinks we don't talk to her because we don't love God. She couldn't be further from the truth.

  • unclebruce

    G'day Bavman, Sorry to hear of your troubles especially of your son's involvement. Yes It's all about your dad, his distress, his pain his feelings of seperation and loss. Do you have feelings? I don't think so. Selfcentredness comes natural to men but is an obvious universal trait among witnesses. I once met a woman at the doors who loudly declared Jehovah's Witnesses to be "the most selfish people on earth". When I questioned her on it she went on to explain that "that religion" was all about 'me surving armageddon', 'me being made perfect', 'me getting everlasting life' and so on. That woman really made me think and examine peoples motives in that light. Yes your dad is so full of himself he can't see the pain of others. Maybe a bungy jump would clear his head. Elders traditionally use talks to slyly berate those they have issuse with. I remember watching our PO use a service meeting talk to belittle his youngest son calling him a 'problem child' and going on about his problems 'keeping regular both in feild service and in the smallest room in the house' ( the kid was a terror but didn't deserve that). unclebruce

  • juni
    Elders traditionally use talks to slyly berate those they have issuse with

    You're right Uncle. Good to hear from you again. Usually people are in a "captive audience" situation. No one likes to hear their name either directly or indirectly drug through the dirt. It's not loving or effective for people to do this from the platform. Its only goal is to make the person feel like dog poop and the speaker feel superior and in need of pity which feeds into his "Christian" ego.


  • LittleToe

    The same year I DAed my wife was on a presentation about living in a divided home, where she made some outragiously false comments along the lines of saying I wasn't supporting her. I later heard that even my JW family were shocked at that one, knowing full well that I was paying all the bills including those of the car she Pioneered with! It seems they couldn't believe how crass and insensitive it was, given how fresh my departure was in their experience.

    They'll orchestrate whatever is needed to pull the strings of the rank and file.

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