My Dearest Gumby

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  • gumby


    I forgot to tell ya. My knee is doing great. It's been a week and 3 days since I had it worked on.

    Now bout them nutsacs,

    Here's the tool I use. It's a bad pick of me when I did Ballistics cuz he wanted the curtains kinda closed.

  • ballistic

    Yeah, that one left me feeling a bit "saw" I must admit.

  • luna2

    Gumby, that looks more like a cutting tool than a shining tool. Poor, ballistic. That musta hurt!

  • damselfly

    It must have handy to have a zipper for a mouth then Balls? So no one could hear your screams.


  • ballistic

    er errrrm em emmm emmmm emmm ! em.

  • garybuss

    We had three pioneers move into an old shack by the river. Their names were Sling-sheet-hi, Who-flung-dung, and One-hung-lo. It wasn't until years later that I heard that One-hung-lo might have been Gumby in disguise.

  • gumby

    Ok just wait. I'm waitin till the right time ...then I'm gonna apostapost yer arse.

    ....been wonderin where ya been buddy


  • poppers

    damselfly said, "I've got an IMac and for whatever reason they don't go through to the other person."

    So, damselfly, how do you like your iMac, other that that? I've been wanting one for some time now.

  • garybuss

    Gumby wrote: . . ..been wonderin where ya been buddyI'm painting a small apartment house outside. I'm bogged down trying to work out of a stairwell two stories high. AND it's been 90 here for a week. I saw one cloud in a week and it missed me. I had to stop today because my 16' ladder was too short. I've got longer ladders for tomorrow. (If I work tomorrow.)

    I thought about hiring a crew to paint it but a painter who would work to my standards I couldn't afford. I did hire it shingled in May. The shingle crew drove their truck through the landscaping and made a big mess. I had to hire a crew to fix what the shingle crew messed up. They did do a nice job of roofing.

    I hope your summer is going well.

  • unclebruce

    LOL - I see Bro.Busselman has the wood on you gumbnuts!

    Yeah, I tried to PM you twice and it never showed up on my "sent messages". Hey, since we're PMing each other now out in the open like we are...I'll go ahead and tell ya what you wanted to know right here. My nutsack shines are 29.95 with no wax....and 35.95 with 3 coats of chocolate wax...or any other flavor cept for vanilla. I still think your man will be glad he did.....just like ballistic and unclebruce did.

    Yeah right Gumbo.. your coatings are more wax than chocolate.. I spent the next two days dealing with brown seepage down me legs and an infestation of sugar ants .. guarantee my arse - that toggle grease just made 'em itch!

    uncle itchyballs

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