were you forced to join the (misery ) ministry school?

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  • headmath

    maybe you have some fond stories of this.

    My story is that I was forced to join when I was about 12. I always got an assignment that dealt with beastilaity in exodus or somethin

  • damselfly

    I had my first part on the platform at age 4 with my mom. Guilted into joining around 12 also because my cousn had joined and since we were the same age "What will people think?!"

    *sigh* Hated every minute of it and would frequently make myself throw up so I wouldn't have to give one.


  • under_believer

    Joined at 7 years of age. I loved it, because I was an attention and approval whore. Once I had kids it got a lot harder, but I still enjoyed giving talks because I was good at it. In the last couple of years it has gotten very difficult because it frequently requires me to be a hypocrite. I'm thinking of asking that they only assign me Bible Readings from here on out, because that doesn't involve interpretation or expounding on a topic.

  • TresHappy

    I was told I had to join by my pioneer study partner. I had no idea it was optional, one of the few things that were in the Borg.

  • lovelylil

    In one congregation I was in, the elder in charge of the school tried to force me to join - and I was a married adult women with kids at the time.

    I told him I could not do that one thing. I attended all the meetings, I was very active in service but I would stress out too much trying to give a talk. I also had a lot of anxiety problems at the time. Anyway, this guy totally harrased me every meeting to try to get me to join the school. He admitted that the reason he wanted me to join is the CO told him he should have 100% of the publishers in the school when he came to visit again.

    After a few weeks of pressure, I went to the PO in the congregation along with my husband and my hubby told the PO in no uncertain terms that this guy was to leave me alone. Unless he could show scriptually that I HAD to join the school, I was not going to join and my hubby told him HE personally would handle the CO. I really appreciated it because although at the time my hubby and I had some different views, he saw how upset I was getting and stressed out and came to my rescue - which was very knight in shining armor like.

    Anyway, the PO looked totally shocked but said he would handle that brother and I guess he did because no one asked me to join the school again.

  • serendipity

    No, not even my parents forced that on me. They weren't keen on the MS either.

  • damselfly

    <<I had no idea it was optional, one of the few things that were in the Borg.>>

    It was optional? Knowing that would have saved me a lot of panic attacks and stress growing up.


  • parakeet

    Dragged kicking and screaming into it as a teenager. I was so frightened at my first "talk," I blew through my allotted 10 minutes in 2. Fortunately for me, immediately afterward I was "constructively" criticized by a brother at the podium in front of everybody. Ah, fond memories ...........

  • freetosee

    I had my first No. 2 Talk when I was about 9y old. It was Genesis ch. 6 and I’ll never forget it. I had to practice and read it so often I could memorise it. I got beating for not reading the difficult words correctly. So every time the school overseer handed out the speeches I was terrified when I received one. In later years, no longer in need of my fathers ‘help’, I actually enjoyed giving talks.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    I refused to join - didn't matter - I also NEVER went to the ministry School meeeting - didn't matter - they STILL Baptised me

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