Are there still things that were witness no-no's that you refrain from?

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  • parakeet

    I won't eat anything with blood as a major ingredient because I don't think it would taste good.
    I won't salute the flag because I don't like being forced to make a public display of my patriotism.

  • serendipity

    I still refrain from a lot of JW no no's but I guess that being here makes up for that.

  • Es

    Other than not killing anyone or anything i tried everything i could once i left. Thats not to say i still do some of that stuff, but hey i had to see if would like it.

    "Try anything once" is one of my mottos I guess within reason


  • luna2

    I would imagine that if you grew up a dub there'd be some things that would never feel quite right. I just went back to the things I did before I came in...although I'm very, very low key on holidays and birthdays. It feels like celebrating to me just to watch Christmas specials and display Christmas cards people send me...and I will buy a few gifts. I've also started celebrating other people's birthdays...I just don't do mine. In fact, there's a group of friends meeting for lunch up in Boston on my birthday and I kind of don't want to go because they might say something about it and I'll be all embarrassed. Silly, huh?

  • juni

    No drugs, no adultery, no murder, no daytime soaps (stupid), no stealing, that's all I can come up w/right now.


    Heh Luna- I wouldn't want to go either; especially for my 50th!! That b/day really hit me between the eyes.

  • IP_SEC

    Another man's wife, steal,.... um im hard pressed to find another. (edit) oh ya no murder... how could I forget that one? maybe cuz of drunkeness.

  • LoverOfTruth

    The Ouija Board. I don't know why but it gives me the creeps.

  • Purza
    One thing that I have never done - and it might seem somewhat trivial to many - I have never, not once, in my entire life uttered the F word.

    I kinda wish I could say the same Jeff. Unfortunately, swearing for me (and my husband) is so common place that we barely even notice it anymore. Sad.

    I still can't sing happy birthday.

    Last night, I had to attend my first city council meeting (I was working) and I was sweating hoping they wouldn't ask me to say the pledge. I printed out the words "just in case" because I wasn't sure I actualy knew the words. Thankfully, they didn't call on me -- cause I would have had a really difficult time with that.


  • GentlyFeral

    Well, I'm still not into rape, murder, or serious deception. But I don't think things that are actually repulsive count, do you?

    I'm still glad that my children are not involved in the armed forces – I just can't see handing your conscience over to someone else. For that reason I'm picky about the churches I attend, too. (Went to one a couple months ago that was friendly and had a kick-ass choir, but as soon as they mentioned the "Book of Discipline," I knew I wasn't coming back.)

    I'm still pathologically honest, but the sharp edges are wearing off, so I'm almost back to where I was before they got me. But I still won't pick up money that I find on the street. Anyone else remember that rule?

    gently feral

  • KW13

    No so much things i don't do still more that when i do them i get a prick in the conscience.

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