Another JW Suicide

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  • orangefatcat

    Yes last Thursday a young brother who was in the same hall as me but in the other cong. and he was 29, a newborn baby and a 2or 3 year old and young wife committed suicide.

    Was killed here in our town of Newmarket by a train. How tragic. I thought to myself not another one. How many more will kill themselves gratis the WTS?

    It just sickens me what a waste of live. I guess his wife is devasted. the Memorial for him was yesterday and apparently 600 attended. They couldn't have it in the Hall. yet the organization is responsible. What a blow for a so called Christ like organization. that makes me so angry.

    Well the only thing is this if it was on account of the WTS and the stress it brings to peoples lives, I pray God will never forget him.


  • rebel8

    how tragic....

  • mouthy

    They couldn't have it in the Hall.

    Of course not....I remember in Montreal when a brother killed himself ...The elder told me it had to be held in the funeral home because Jehovah would be disappointed if they used the hall ...

    ........ Poor wife & family.... He was probably feeling unworthy,,,, I nearly did it when they ousted me.. When will they stop????

  • AudeSapere

    So sad.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I knew a suicide that had a memorial held for him in the hall.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Another painful reminder from the org, a sad story no doubt.
    One of the biggest problems is that the men who "shepard" the congregations simply don't take many of these things serious enough. I remember once revealing to an elder that I was severly depressed and he told me to "toughen up" and that "we should be able to get past the things that are just in our head". What great advice. It actually a very sad thing to think about all the JWs out there that need REAL friends, but are outcasts and not looked upon as spiritual enough.

  • Es

    How sad for all those involved


  • poodlehead

    I find it so interesting that suicide is so high with JW. I know I had a problem with suicidal tendencies while a JW. It has gotten much better since I have left but it is something I still deal with. Mine is chemical. But it was definatly fueled by how unhappy I was as a Witness. Especially when everyone else seemed so happy. Aparantly they weren't but if they were unhappy as a JW they sure didn't tell anyone. And those with depression never would say it was because they were unhappy with there lives. It was always the devils fault.

    I know I deal with problems of feeling alone. It can be overwhelming. That may have been the apeal of JW's to me in the first place. The whole one big happy family. So I am thinking, and here is my question. Does being a Witness drive you to suicide or because of certain peoples inclinations are they attracted to JW's? Think about all the half crazy people you knew when you were a JW. I myself knew one sister tried to kill herself 18 times in two years and was hospitalized 3 times. Yet she feels safe as a witness. Crazy among crazies. I have to admit I didn't have to go far to run into many people dealing with depression.

    But I think another big issue is, that they don't get professional help. Some would agree to Anti-depressants. But not therapy. I got a lot more help from therapy than drug. Actually the drugs caused more problems. I even halucanated. Which was frightening. Then I really thought I was nuts! But therapy is not looked favorably because they se it as someone messing with your head. Demons and all that crap. But it works! You learn what triggers your problems and how to avoid them. This is what keeps me going.

    It anyone needs to talk about this subject I am here. Or if you have lost someone and don't understand maybe I can shed some light. Feel free to contact me.

  • moanzy

    As a witness I struggled with depression , suicide attempts and eating disorder. My parents didn't want to get help for me because of the advise from the Society's literature. Psychiatrists apparently can leave you open to demons!!!!

    After some time I sought help through my guidance councelor and finally felt strong enough to get help for myself. Finally my parents decided I needed help and booked me into a hospital to begin a program to recover from my eating disorder.

    I agree about the drugs. They did less to help me than the councelling. Through councelling/therapy, I learned self-esteem, how to reason for myself, and healthy coping skills and life skills that will serve me throughout life. The problem is that my parents lost control of my life. To them it looked like the devil took over because I did rebel. I can't say I made very good choices for awhile, but I finally realized that I can choose anything I want provided I understand I am responsible for the consequences.

    I believe my suicide attempts were directly related to my life as a witness. My homelife sucked terribly and to top it all off there was a rigid witness life we had to live. There was virtually no creative outlet for us and anything that would foster a healthy self-esteem was deterring us from God's organisation. No wonder many kids grow up into adults hating life and wanting to die. I was one of them.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I suppose we can blame this on the WT Society, that's a convenient thing to do. Could it be the two things are not related? This fellow could have had a chemical imbalance that NO ONE was aware of, perhaps not he himself. I just think that people need to take responsibility for thier own actions and not try to explain a tragedy as the fault of others when the man clearly made a poor decision based on faulty thinking. Was it WT thinking? How can we know? Should we let our bitterness and righteous indignation at the WT Society blind our reason? Suicide is not encouraged by the WT, as all here have said. Is the WT at fault because he didnt see a psyche? Ok, how do you know he didnt see a psyche? How do you know he didnt try to get help but rejected it? We will never know. The only victim here is his family, he stole from them the thing they needed most from him, his presence in thier lives. It was sad, but selfish. He was in some sort of pain and I'm sure it wasnt because he didn't get enough hours. It goes way the hell deeper than that. Of course its a tragedy, just dont blame the people he knows for his actions. (Sounds kinda narrow to do so.)


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