Need Some Advice Please

by lovelylil 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • sass_my_frass

    I hear you,. She clearly has a lot of hurt to clear up and it's going to take her a while to do so. Sounds a bit like me; lately I can barely work for the JW crap going through my head. I've got to get counselling about it.

    Anyway, yeah... there is only so much that we owe each other, and then it's no longer friendship, it's a dependancy. If I knew that I was doing that to a friend, I'd want to change my ways immediately. If she can't understand that, she needs to get professional help to do so. Do what you can to encourage her to seek help, but protect yourself as well.

  • greendawn

    Since she is so negative and you can not change her you have to keep her at a distance since her chemistry interferes so much with your psychology and makes you feel upset and gloomy. People that intensely lack self confidence and optimism can depress those around them.

  • mouthy

    Lil I am not saying MY way is right. But I have to add my 2 cents worth... If she still clings to the "truth" way of life!!!! I would say "You know the Bible says if we are offended by some one we should go straight to them so I am coming to you- to tell you>..."I feel you are in the past, & I to believe as scripture says, he that looks back is lost, if we are to make straight paths in our life now we must look ahead. I find your very negetive, But because YOU consider me a friend- I want to be one & tell you the truth, about why your so unhappy,,, You have to stop complaining.... "

    I have done this to MANY in my group, I have received nasty letters after telling me "Who the hell did I think I am" ? I may not have heard from them for 2 or 3 years, but they all came back.... Saying "Well you are too direct but I like you as a friend....And they need a friend.... But of course this is NOT the way to make friends -but you do make a few enemies ----but I have been hated by many more than one.....So I am getting used to it. But YOUR kids are MORE important than this lady....They need to forget the tunnell you came out of.... & if she is around they wont. "If you dont look after your own your worse than an infidel." Where did I read that LOL????


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