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  • RedhorseWoman


    I understand the difference you mentioned, and I know that there is a lot of abuse in the area of affirmative action. However, I AM glad that there are anti-discrimination laws; otherwise, I might not have ever had a chance to obtain the job I have in computer programming (women can't do math, doncha know). LOL

    I think that perhaps I can top your congregation as far as evildoing is concerned....not in quantity, but in "quality" of the evil, so to speak.

    Our congregation was honored to have a Ministerial Servant, married to an elder's daughter, and well on his way to being an elder himself, who spent his days getting high on cocaine. They discovered his little secret after he murdered an elderly woman to get cash to supply his habit. To the best of my knowledge, he is still in prison for this little debacle. To the best of my knowledge, he was never disfellowshipped.

  • sevenoften

    Hook, line, and sinker, you sharks smelled blood and went for it.
    Too bad it was fake.
    My last post was nothing but a cut and paste of other posts in this SAME forum (with a couple of word changes, like world for witnesses and WTS for Ray Franz), just to test your objectivity.
    It came out as expected- Witnesses=bad, world=good. I love it when everything is so black and white.
    The post even pulled in the big guns- poet-and-don’t-know-it Frenchy (who thinks Port Arthur is the center of the universe) and Simple Simon (ah, if only Eton had taken you, you might have escaped the Manchester cesspool). They were so fired up they didn’t even notice the quotes from their own posts.
    As if- any real Witness is going to send some sort of serious confessional to a board full of soccer hooligan wankers.
    You people are so ‘70’s; (still crying about the 25 cent cards but nary a word about the churches condoning genocide in Rwanda and rebels hacking off the limbs of babies in Sierra Leone- of course not, you might accidentally say something positive about JW’s).
    I bet you’re still wearing polyester suits.
    I love the way that posters who have never seen a Star Trek episode make the Borg comparison.
    No self respecting Borg would stop at a mere six million. Ah, but the six BILLION on the other side….
    I wonder who assimilated them?
    When I came across this board, I had hoped for a satisfying battle of the wits. Now I see I’m up against the unarmed.
    Later, losers.

  • AhHah

    Seven Often (but not now),

    If you really believe the b.s. you just posted then you haven't even bothered to read many recent posts here, or, if you have, then your motives for posting here are pathetically obvious.

    Did you not even read my last post, questioning why you plagiarized my previous post?

    Your posts remind me of the noisy static that must be endured to tune a distant, but otherwise valuable station. Glad to hear that you are clearing the airwaves of your noise.

  • RedhorseWoman

    So, Seven Often, you can cut and paste, but you can't read.....except that which supports what you want to see.

    BTW BOrg is an acronym for Brooklyn Organization....even those at Witnet use it.....it just happens to fit the Star Trek analogy also....very convenient.

  • Angharad
    My last post was nothing but a cut and paste of other posts in this SAME forum (with a couple of word changes, like world for witnesses and WTS for Ray Franz), just to test your objectivity.

    I can do it too


    Notice singular.

    Now for a new poll - can anyone guess who I'm refering to?

    If you are so superior and we all losers why do you continue to lurk around here.

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  • Simon

    You did not want a 'battle of wits' as you put it - you started out insulting people from the start and have continued to do so. How very Christlike - your god must be SO proud of you.

  • TR

    Hi, Waiting.

    I wasn't aware that the ratio of men to women, white males to the rest of all population in the USA, was so much higher than all other persons......your statistics?

    No, I agree with you. People should be promoted, elected, etc., due to their merits. And, in order to have those merits, people should all be given the same opportunities in employment and education, don't you agree? And, as you've said, things are getting better. Why do you suppose that is?

    I meant that there are more white males in the U.S. campared to males of color. Things are getting better for minorities due in part to laws that force those in charge, such as discrimination laws. I guess progress sometimes means those in power getting whacked upside the head. I still don't agree with affirmative action, though.


  • TR

    7 'o 10,

    Your post was obviously a plagerized version of mine and others. DUH!

    I noticed you didn't include the part about the success of my family. Why is that?

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Do some research on the WTS.


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  • Roamingfeline

    Methinks this is just SS in another "disguise". Not worth our posting to him.


  • waiting

    Hey Tom,

    I'm sorry for being uninformed about "affirmative action." I've been self-employed for 35 years. If I don't affirm my butt out of bed every morning, I don't make money. Pure and simple.

    But I've heard of others in larger cities really critize this government program, as you and Frenchy have. Again, I don't have the knowledge to discuss it. But I have enjoyed sparring with you.

    Hey Frenchy, Sure hope I didn't offend you by calling you the endearment of "Cajun Boy". We've (southerners) have been known as rednecks, bubbas, etc., for so long - just seemed kinda of natural. When we met with some neat friends in New Orleans, their loved their Cajun background. We went to different Cajun local restaurants each night. Watched the dancers, and ate a lot of strange, spicy food.

    Your background is quite similar to my mother's. Only she was the Irish Catholic immigrant in NY City. Beaten in school for no socks in the winter, always dirty hair, etc. Police regularily called in to stop her father from beating the kids - once again. She was beaten with a rod by one of the teachers at school horribly. The father saw the whip lashes on the backs of her legs and arms. He thundered to school - and he and the school agreed not to report each other to the police for beating my mother - that way no one got in trouble. And everybody kept beating my mother.

    She had so much anger for her father that after she married and moved away, she never contacted him. Several years later, he was dying of cancer, he had her phoned and wanted to apologize to her. She refused the phone call - and wouldn't see or speak to him. He died.

    Funny thing, until she was 60, she had no memory of her hatred for him. Only when her brother jogged her memory after hours of heated discussion, she remembered the emotions - and cried for days.

    My aunt, as the rest of the children, was forced to quit school and get a job at 15/16 to support family. Both parents worked. No drinking. Just violence and anger. My aunt went to night school, being beaten, then moved out, full scholarships for college, nursing, then going on to achieve two Masters Degrees simultaneously. Her family always begruged her "uppity woman" attitude (which she had) and she shoved it in their faces. Every child, but one, was riddled with anger, divorce, drinking, etc.

    Studies have been made on first generation immigrant families. Many beatings, many drunks, many wives died. Second generation survived better. I would assume the same ratios would apply to the Cajun people.

    I was not arguing Affirmative Action. I don't know much about it. I, like Red, was used as a man's "brush against" in work for way too many years when younger. It didn't pay to say anything, literally.
    Things have changed - women started talking, men started getting sued. Now men say, "well, why do we still have to talk about it! Look how good you have it - and now you want equal money too?

    Hey Grunt,

    I would like to point out something to one of the ladies, black men could vote before white women, it seemed in one post it indicated otherwise. Just thought you might want to have another shot to fire.

    Thanks for the history, Grunt. Did not know this. I am at a loss for words, which is unusal for me. I'm glad it's better, really I am. But the world is a big place, and women and minorities are still the underdogs in many countries.


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