Feeling sorry...

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  • TR

    ...for the average JW as I see them out in door to door work. I shake my head and think; they just don't know. Or maybe they do, but are in a dilemma similar to thousands if not millions right now. Their's is a belief system controlled by a corporation, or several as I now understand it. How could they let this go on? How did I let it go on? Fear. Wanting to do the right thing, but there's the fear. All or nothing.

    I can't give enough thanks to my family for sticking with me, for other xJW's sharing their experiences, the internet, you people on this board, and forums like this one, several books I've read, and I'll give myself a little credit for having enough balls to act on my conscience.

  • AhHah


    I am also grateful to Ray Franz and internet forums such as this one. When I saw through the deception that starts with the GB my life began.

    As someone who was taught to be devout from infancy, the teachings of the Borg were in every fiber of my being. They shaped every thought I had and every perception of myself and others. Every school class, every book I read, every news article I read, every conversation I had with anyone on any subject, every challenge I faced in my life, all were perceived through a carefully constructed, altered state of reality which prevented me from attempting to understand their true nature and effect upon me. This induced a denial about the very nature of my existence and the world that is more pervasive than any other that I can imagine.

    As I stated in another thead recently, all the activities (in proper balance) are not bad for one, and I learned many good habits of personal development as a result of taking my faith and responsibilities seriously. These are things, however, that may be learned equally well outside of the context of God and religion, given proper training and direction -- and learned without the denial and mistrust of others, and without the cultlike isolation physically, mentally and emotionally, that can induce many types of personality dysfunctions among JWs.

    It took over a year for me to completely divorce my mental indoctrinations. It took countless hours of studying everything I had been taught and re-evaluating them and how they had affected me. I would still be in that process if I had not had access to the thorough, well-researched books by Ray Franz. I went through many painful evenings, and yet I knew that this was a very important process, if I was to regain my life and my find my true identity. Of course, that was only a start, but it sure feels good to finally start.

    I also grieve for those who are still deceived, many of whom I love and care about personally. I must remember that they will find out when they need to and, in many cases, when they will permit themselves to question beliefs that will shatter the very foundation upon which they have built their lives, and how they relate to themselves and the world and to God.

  • Pathofthorns

    I feel bad too. Driving by a KH and seeing all the cars parked. Or seeing some people "in the field".

    Its not that I don't think what they are doing is bad, or that they shouldn't be free to do what they are doing. Its that they never considered all sides to the story.

    You are fortunate to have the support of your family. And you should be proud of yourself for having the "balls" to do what needed to be done. In the end, it comes down to the individual. My thanks as well to all who had the courage to share and help someone else.


  • Simon

    I feel sorry for the people that are unknowingly wasting their lives but who are really genuine people. I really cared a lot about some of them.
    I hope that when they do realise things aren't what they seem that they don't hurt too much.

  • Angharad

    I feel sorry for the teenagers who are only encourged to pioneer. I know of people who did really well in their exams and could have a good career, but they have ended up getting a crappy dogsbody job and pioneering because that is what is expected of them.

  • waiting

    Hey Ang,

    dogsbody - Is that an English slang phrase?

    Kinda cool, I can guess what it means - but elaborate for the "others?" Red can be sooooo slow.......


  • Zep

    I use to think, 'these guys have the truth'. Now...well, Simon said it:

    I feel sorry for the people that are unknowingly wasting their lives but who are really genuine people.
  • Simon

    A Dogsbody is someone who is paid very little, not valued or respected. I guess it is an British expression...what's the American equivalent ?

  • TR


    In America, Dogsbody= deadbeat, or lowlife, pondscum, dirtbag, peon, etc.


  • waiting

    Hey Simon & TR,

    is someone who is paid very little, not valued or respected. I guess it is an British expression...what's the American equivalent ?

    A woman.


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