Wife is FOR SURE waking up

by cappytan 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • Daniel1555


    It's great that you said to relax and figure it out together.

    Make it sure that you will love each other and respect each other no matter what you 2 believe.

    Spirituality might be a life long journey or search. Even with an atheistic or agnostic view you can be spiritual.

    Belief in a God or a creative power can be separate from JW doctrine or bible doctrine.

    I don't believe in the bible's description of god anymore, but I didn't give up faith in a higher creative power, who created everything in a way, that natural processes could develop life (for example by evolution).

    I wish you 2 all the best.

  • berrygerry
    You're a lucky man. Congrats (so far).
  • millie210

    Cappytan, I am glad you are taking it slow and pacing things with your wife. I read on this site for over 3 years with almost no participation. I felt like I was skating on thin ice with Jehovah or something.

    So many JWs are very loyal people and in the beginning of getting our heads on straight, it almost seems like an act of disloyalty to "go to an apostate website". Of course that is not accurate but time helps to sort it out.

    I am really glad things are going the way they are for you and your wife!

  • steve2
    Baby steps please, my friend. She would not be the first - nor last - to experience a later negative reaction about your mutual disclosures. Fear, obligation and guilt are to be expected. Be there for her regardless. Part of her breaking free entails some prevarication. She's going to have a bit of a bumpy ride so expect to be present to love and support her throughout this exciting but occasionally daunting period of questioning.
  • 88JM

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things.

    You just have to be ready for that crunch moment when someone wakes up and realizes the whole thing is a lie - some people react badly at that point.

  • MaxTan

    I hope all the best for your effort of helping your wife to think for herself. I only hope it will last... my wife has had maybe 2 or 3 brief periods of "lucidity" in the past year or so, when she snaps out of the mind control and has a moment of "OMG we are in a cult". She can even miss a meeting or two. But then she always relapses and goes back to the same old brain-numbing routine of meetings, ministry, meetings, ministry... and believes in JW.org even stronger than before.

  • cofty

    That's great news. I understand her fear of "apostate" material, I was long gone before I would read any ex-JW material.

  • pbrow

    Congrats Bro Cappy!!

    Sounds like its only a matter of time!... Because at the end of the day... The end isnt coming so thats really all we have!


  • stuckinarut2

    Oh Cappy!


    Huge news....just go SLOWLY!

    Dont try and introduce her to too much, or this forum as yet....or she may revert back - reflex style into the cult mode...

    But, I have to ask, do you think that she might secretly be doing research in places like this forum online?

    Wouldn't it be funny if you found out that she was a member here??

  • KateWild

    Great news Cappytan. It's much easier learning TTATT with your spouse. She is certainly waking up, even though she won't read CoC just yet.

    You have a difficult road ahead, but if you plan your exit things will be on your terms.

    Kate xx

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