REASON demands belief in God

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  • azor

    I'm fairly new here and I'm glad abiather posts the information that she does. It makes for interesting debate.

    It seems to be respectful and at the same time the posts that are generated are very enlightening. I for one believe that reason will prevail and it seems to on this site. It is quite a lot of fresh air in comparison to the cult we came from.

    I personally think DJS' post is the most reasoned so far on this subject. I am also very glad to read and participate in these debates as I believe through discussion and debate we grow. I can certainly say that for myself.

    Rhetoric seems to be a lost art in this modern age where people want agreement over discomfort. Growth imho only comes from discomfort. I love the concept of disagreement without being disagreeable.

  • doofdaddy
    abiather a year ago


    The very fact that I am speaking negatively of JWs shows that I do not belong to Brahmakumaris. Those who really know Brahamakumaris know that they do not see/talk about others’ negatives, but accept the good of all religions. eg. They took the best of Jesus Christ—His concept of God as Father of all humans, and celibacy.


    Will be so happy to see the "Iron Age" be overtaken by the "Golden Age" when Nikola Tesler comes back and Mt Abu in Rajastan will be the centre of the Universe. Geez this stuff you wouldn't read in a comic book.


  • smiddy

    " REASON demands belief in GOD " ,

    That is such a stupid general statement to make .

    Your post suggests that the GOD of the Hebrew / Christian Bible is the one your basing your post on.

    For starters:

    The Old Testament is the basis for the many sects of Judaism .

    The Old Testament is also the basis for the many sects of Islam.

    And the Old Testament plus The New Testament is the basis for the 40,000 + sects of Christianity .

    None of which agree with each other .

    None of this takes into consideration the thousands of other GODS worshiped around the world in non Christian nations who equally believe they have the" truth"

    And you dismiss this because of what evidence ?

    No GOD has ever come forward to prove his ascendancy over any other GOD in human history identifying him as the ONE TRUE GOD

    So I come back to your OP "What Reason Demands belief in God"

    I would say none.


  • cantleave

    poor presentation of God by the religious leaders lies at the root of many losing their belief in God!

    Hmmm not at all - A lack of evidence for such a being lies at the root of many losing their belief in gods!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    I'm with doofdaddy on this one, abiather is only here for cult recruitment purposes.
  • abiather


    You say about lack of evidence. On the contrary, it is abundance of evidence. Forget about the uniqueness of faces of all humans (which is of course the proof for skill of the designer)! Take the case of consciousness each human being manifests. Consciousness can never be studied by a reductionist approach. The ability to reduce everything to simple fundamental laws, does not imply the ability to start from those laws and reconstruct the universe. Consciousness is more than an emergent phenomenon wherein, the whole is not merely more, but very different from the sum of its parts. Cognition presupposes duality, that is, a subject becoming conscious of an object or its own self. Self-awareness, we would presume, mandates a form, a discrete entity. However, consciousness as a state of awareness, an am-ness can exist in the absence of any form, or attribute. If our consciousness is real, its source (God) is even more real!

    When you begin to see the SOURCE behind all the resources, we will have solved all problems!

    No one has succeeded in proving that God does not exist.
    Whether the owl accepts the presence of light or not, there is always light. Likewise, whether you accept the existence of God or not, He always exists.

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