WT celebrates the birthday of the World Health Organization and NGOs

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    I continued to ask why it is that they cover over child molestation since I had been in a situation at the age of 5. He laughed (yep he laughed).

    LQ...it still amazes me how heartless they can be! Sorry you had to go through that!


  • serendipity

    (( Lord quad )) He was wrong to laugh at you.

    How do you know the property is worth $202 billion. Which financial statements have you seen?

  • Kaput
    I wish they were Associate members of every political organization out there.

    John 18:36 --- "My kingdom is no part of this world."

    John 17:16 --- "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world."

    The following excerpt is from the True Peace and Security book (1986), page 123: So, to be among those hoping to survive when that Kingdom comes against all of its opponents, we need to recognize the hard fact that Satan dominates this world and its systems. That includes its political arrangements such as the United Nations. We need to keep free from all of these by our firm stand for Jehovah's righteous government by Christ Jesus. Matthew 6:10, 24, 31-33.

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