Name all the reasons why you should be "Disfellowshipped" or "Counselled"

by JH 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • carla

    If I ever was a jw.... but then I'm sure my husband would like to counsel me about:

    holidays, passing out anti witness literature, visiting apostate sites, being pissed off for the gb controlling my marriage, not letting him be the 'head of the house' hahahaha, believing in the Trinity, etc.., wearing clothes 'unbecoming a jw' (not baglike or shopping in the jr dept.), wearing jewelry, wearing a cross, reading anything but wt's, telling people about the pedophile issue in the org, having a anti witness 'library', wishing I could make it to all the apostofests, using the f-word to a jw at a meeting, bringing up the UN to an elder (and everything else), giving blood, thinking the so called 'fds' is a load of crap, flying the American flag, standing for the flag and anthem, telling kids about the org and it's many abuses and lies, this list would just get way too long! 'everything about me' -would have been enough.

  • SickofLies

    Well, for one I pray to FSM every night not some fake God like Jesus or Jehovah.

  • ButtLight

    Im perfect in gods eyes!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Sex before marriage

    Living in sin Drunkeness Debt Collecting

    Visiting Apostate site's

    Bad attitude

    Smoking (but gave up)

    Party Drugs (but gave up) Christmas

    Birthdays Gee i'm bad

  • delilah

    JH, been there, done that, they will never DF me again!!!!

    They COULD get me for celebrating EVERY holiday there is....

  • stillajwexelder

    Posting >9000 times on this board ; Going to Apostafests - Wisconsin; Touching myself every now and then...

    Ate my wifes p----y last night; Excessive drinking; Roulette wheel in Las Vegas; talking to apostates and Dfd ones

    Lusting after other women

  • ButtLight
    Lusting after other women

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you werent suppose to tell people you lusted after me!

  • Lo-ru-hamah


    I would probably be counseled for cussing like a sailor and then disfellowshipped for lack of repentance for the counsel I received.

    Definately Df'd for being on this website. Not repentant

    Not believing in the group of men that call themselves the GB. Not repentant

    The occasional pornea that my husband and I enjoy together and I am not repentant for this either.

    Oh and telling people happy birthday and sending my sister a gift for her bday for the first time in my life. It was quite fun. Not repentant

    And being glad that I left a group of jerky people and knowing that even if by some small crazy chance that they are right some how some where some way being glad that I don't have to live forever with them.


  • xjwms


    you have to touch yourself.........How else would you take a shower?

  • JH

    I can't think of any more.... I guess I'm not that bad after all

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