Is the goatee the new mullet?

by daystar 28 Replies latest social physical

  • jstalin

    I can't stand goatees. Definitely the new mullet.

  • jeeprube

    Wow, what a mullet! I can't tell from the angle of the photo, are you also wearing several gold chains around your neck? I bet that picture was taken at a roller-skating rink.

    I currently wear a goatee, I grew it as a sign of breaking away from the organization. These days, it seems like every other guy also has a goatee. I'm thinking about shaving mine off.

  • daystar

    Jesus Christ! How many times do I have to say this? That photo is NOT ME!

    I keep trying to edit the main post to say that, but it keeps erroring out.

    Once again: That photo is NOT ME!

    No, not mad, just frustrated.

  • Hellrider

    Well, there`s a goatee and then there`s a goatee. If it`s 10 inches long, I wouldn`t call it a mullet, I would call it totally cooool. So is the full beard, that rocks too! But if it`s just that tiny spot of hair below the bottom lip (Like a Hitler-mustasch that has fallen down), yes, that`s a mullet. So is the really short, well-trimmed goatee with no mustasch to go with it.

    We know, it`s not you in the picture, but in the first post, it sure sounded like it was.

  • DigitalFokus

    my face mullet is getting mad with all this anti goatee talk.

  • luna2

    I love goatees. Mullets were always...mullets. Only Billy Ray up there ever looked very good in one.

    daystar, yeah, they know that isn't you but its fun to yank your chain. LOL

  • osmosis

    I wonder, if we were all nudists, would that give rise to a new type of mullet?

    my pubic mullet: short on the top and sides, but long on the ballsack.

  • bikerchic
    Can't be....with the mullet, you've got femullets, but what would the female equivalent of a goatee be?

    Maybe a fegoatee? Or how about a goateefe? Can't leave us womens out of this fad ya know.

  • free2beme

    Depends on how it is trimmed. I think goatees are something that will outlast the mullet and it is not so extreme of a look. Of course, I thought bell bottoms were cool at one time too and look were they ended up ... back in fashion BABY!!!! :)

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