Biting my tongue at last nights bookstudy

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  • TresHappy

    Biting my tongue at a bookstudy became an almost weekly event my last few years in the WT. My bookstudy conductor loved the date thing; constantly looking at world events to decide if the end was happening this year or next year. He was a really nice looking man (and still is I hear) but has stayed single all these years. Lots of sisters tried to get their hooks in him!

  • GodisRight
    I remember seeing 2 mormons preaching when I was little. I said "look mommy, those men are preaching" and she smacked me across the face and said "don't you dare ever say they are preaching. nobody but jehovah's people preach the good news"

    You should have known right then and there that ORG isn't the truth. I wished a JW would have smacked me when I was young.

    Actually, a JW did pull out a knife on me, but I figured he was a rouge so I didn't pay it too much mind.

  • truthfullyspeaking

    Granted,the book of Daniel has much 'deep' spiritual prophecy,but it sounds to me that, whoever you all are, you need either to ask the questions of someone who has a better understanding of these things than you do (if you really are interested in knowing). And get yourselves some answers (or not).

    Or, if you are not satisfied then.....lets see.....quit going?

  • Sunnygal41
    "With all these prophetic marks to identify “the holy ones of the Supreme One,” what excuse can there be for failure to recognize them and associate with them?"

    yeah, right. I wonder how many of those now in would have recognized the WTS as the holy ones back then? LOL! Very few I'm sure. I feel truly sad for such prorgrammed comments.

  • ><>

    If you want to have any tongue left at all, then....

  • Sunnygal41
    Sometimes I did have actual questions (not the ones printed out for us), but I was too much of a coward to ask them. Isn't that sad? Here you are, supposedly "studying" this stuff and you are afraid to speak up and ask for clarification or to admit that you don't understand. Instead, you sit there, confused and feeling dumb, hoping that Jehoober will wave his magic wand over your head and it will all become clear.

    At one point, while I still considered myself a loyal dub, I went thru a very serious period of doubt..........I had a friend who was a pioneer who was so compassionate and tried to help me thru the time.....I was seriously depressed and struggling with overwhelming feelings. I remember I talked with a couple of different elders who I respected and they both said that they had gone thru the same type of thing and in the end had to just leave it in Jehovah's hands........and they were still waiting for answers............I was amazed at their ability to supress their feelings and doubts. LOL.........they are still in and I've been out for over seven fact, one served on my committee..........he was the most compassionate of the three.........he said that they'd leave the way open for me to come back..........anytime I wanted..........I recently met his daughter and was relieved to find that she, too was out. She used to come over and tell me and the ex who is an elder some of the terrible stuff going on between her and her mom.............then she ended up getting pregnant.......Luna2 you may know them...........since them were in our area for a long time. He stepped down as an elder because the congregation they were attending had serious drinking problems amongst the elders that he had also and he decided to do something about it.......the elders didn't appreciate his expose of them and there was an uproar in the elder body shortly of interesting stuff.........

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