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  • greendawn

    The way I put is that mankind up to the present time has rejected divine rule and the opportunity of the gospel that's why there are is such a heavy toll of suffering in the world. And unfortunately it will carry on the same until they decide to change and accept divine rule, then as if by a miracle everything will fall into the right place.

  • cosmic

    I want to thank all of those who answered my request. It is curious that the score is about 99 to 1 that I owe God nothing. Not that the result is inordinate nor unexpected, but I think I hoped for a bit more rah-rah from the pro factions. SwordOfJah, gave probably the most lengthy and expected response, although others like Apostae kate gave personal (and therefore) most eloquently beautiful reasons for. I asked the question because it was indeed most important and unknown to me. You see, you can argue the Bible in its correctness, its timeliness, how archeologically precise, how faith inspiring it may be, you can hawk the Koran, the Bishido Gavida, and any other religious doctrine, treatise, guess, or what have you, but the question that you have answered make anything that any God who has ever existed absolutely meaningless.

    Now, imagine 11am saturday, the door bell sounds, and you stumble to find two pretty, cheery faced 16 year old JWs smiling hopefully at you thru the yawning doorway. With an exuberance that can only come from certain ignorance they launch into the monthly pitch as to why you, personally, must obtain, ingest, and forever heed their magazine. Born of the half-hangover and subsequent impatience you surely earned, you stop them in mid sentnece with an upraised hand. Partially fearful, but also expectantly, their sweet, wide eyes wait for you. Then you ask them, "Tell me, why do I owe God anything?"

    "Because He is so good!" they reply.

    "Hey," you belch, "Barry Bonds hit 71 homers. You want me to worship him?"



    jstalin writes: "God seems rather insecure if he demands worship for the act of creating us. God creates humans with free will and then tells us that if we use that free will in a way that breaks his illogical and arbitrary rules, he will damn us. I simply don't get it. That's selfish and childish. Sounds like god has "little man syndrome," also known as "Napoleon syndrome."" God does not demand worship. At least not now. The point of worship is out gratefulness, at least in the New Testament terms. In regards your second point, one could say that only one man, Adam, was created with a "free will." One could also say that modren man's will is in bondage to sin, something that Luther & Calvin promoted. If man is in bondage to sin then it is up to God to set whatever rules He saw fit to set. Fortunately, believers in Jesus no longer have to live according the rules of the Old Testament. As far as rulers that were illogical & arbitrary one needs to look no farther than your namesake.

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