What Things Were You Deprived Of Because You Were A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • echo5delta

    The Boyscouts, Halloween and a girlfriend is what i wanted the most. When I was DF'd in 1994 for making out with a girl, I joined the Marines and made up for lost time partying my ass off and don't regret any minute of it!!!!!

  • beautifulisfree
  • Woofer

    I just wished for once I could have been like everyone else . .celebrating Halloween . . Christmas . .my birthday.

    I also missed out on hanging out with some good friends from school because they were "worldy".

    I also wish I had the chance to date a few people before being pretty much forced to marry the first guy I ever went out with. I often wonder where I would be today if I had that choice.

    I wanted to go to the prom and also go to college. My dream was to become a nurse.

  • serendipity

    It's hard to blame any of my childhood deprivations on being a JW. My parents were abusive, cheap and antisocial before becoming JWs. My father gave up a good paying job for a few years so that he could be at home more, so we had less money, but my parents hardly provided extras for us anyway. They didn't socialize with my dad's side of the family after a family rift that occurred before they became JWs. The holidays weren't (aren't) important to me.

    As an adult, the main thing I've given up is a social life, including the opportunities to meet a broader pool of men. But it's never too late for that.

  • EAGLE-1
  • jojochan

    Socially interacting with everyone on the "outside".While in the collective we were taught that it's not a deprevation, but rather a joy to be odd and seperate from the "world". Growing up I hated the idea of being different .It was as if the society shaped this cult to be like the islamic faith in regards of once you're in there's no turning back, but you can leave but instead of killing you physically if you turned "apostate", they kill you socially and emotionally through your family and friends that are in the collective that have their eyes wide shut. I was deprived of MANY things and great opportunities to grown in this life. Yes, I turned them down! All because of some sick pleasure I got of pleasing their god through suffering mentally, physically in everyway.

    Once I realised this was wrong, I realised I will be alone in my life as far as the cult goes...and I had to accept this.

    Of course I wished that I could turn back the hands of time, we all do. But I can't. I did'nt have a choice in being born into this stupid belief with crazed parents, that thought that they were right in sheltering me from this world, from friends that really wanted me as a friend. They said it was because that Satan wants to keep us from serving jehovah.

    Right now how I feel... in my opinion; the only thing being a witness EVER taught me to be good at is being passive aggressive, manic depressive, and a sado-masochist.



  • SickofLies

    Life, liberty and justice

  • Gregor

    Being deprived of any incentive to get an education or learn a real trade or profession. Going through my first day of school, when my only preparation for it was my parents and G Parents telling me over and over, "don't salute the flag!!" and when the teacher had us stand and do that very thing and singled me out and sent me and my cousin to the office. For ever after, what schooling I did get was under the agonizing pain of constant reminders that I was not one of the group. No after school sports, outings, etc. Just before Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc. I took a note from my mother to the teacher asking that I not participate in any pagan holiday related activities. I could cut out orange circles or green triangles but NO JACK 'O LANTERNS or CHRISTMAS TREES!!

    All the above is probably why I am the well balanced, normal person I am today.

  • mjs mouse, ben
    mjs mouse, ben

    When I was in grade school, I wasn't allowed to sketch a pic of one of God's creations, a turkey, all because it was Thanksgiving(USA) I remember not being allowed to attend the school christmas or any other "pagan" party(sat out in the hall)while all the others were laughing, singing, having a good time inside, as I got older, no sports, this was tough because I love football(American)I would often take my frustrations out at JW get togethers, you know the ones where we can play football, but no one wins!remember competition is evil!..... anyway, being a big kid, 220lbs at 16, I would crush the elders kids, I'm sure there are a few still out there that can't have children, lol.........too much to mention, but you get the picture....

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    A Mother

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