What Things Were You Deprived Of Because You Were A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • minimus

    I think back at some of the simpler things we couldn't do or have because we were a Witness. I hardly know my father's (worldly) side of the family. Didn't know my grandfather, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins. We were taught that since they weren't Witnesses, they were "bad association". Their was no normal affection toward them either, as I never knew them, really. I think too of some of the simple pleasures we were deprived of. Between 6:30 to 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday nights I couldn't watch all those TV shows that everyone else talked about at work the next day. I could only hope to see Seinfeld in re-runs someday.......Are there things that you can think of that you did not have because you were a JW?

  • lowden

    Hey Minimus

    Deprived of having a proper relationship with my friends that i grew up with before joining the JWs. I dropped them, as you're supposed to. My most important friend is still around, but....i wonder how many of us lost dear friends because we were too pigheaded and fanatical to see their true worth. Just a thought.

    Peace to ya


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll


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  • Ellie

    I went to a catholic school, they were big on nativities, those advent candle things and such like, I always wanted to get involved, the sparkly little dresses the girls got to wore for the nativity play looked so nice, and also the communion dresses and books and necklaces that everyone got, I really wanted to join in.

  • KW13

    No worldly friends (normal folk eh)

    Stepdad used to hit me to keep control so then...Couldnt see family that lived around corner without permission but could go to see JW friends

    Me and my dad...its like hes someone i know and can live without. Why? because the JW's cut him out of my life.

    Can't have females in my room...not even now...so i go to there house

    MANY other things, then i grew up...

  • Genesis

    I was deprived of so many things : Martial Arts, Having a Girlfriend, Psychology and Philosophy, Bodybuilding, superior studies, my time to do activity (music etc...), my family (I shuned them for 4 years) and the more important I was deprived of my SANITY !

    I feel I could just find things I was deprived off all day long but instead Its better to focus on thing I have gained since im now free :) Freedom is so great !


  • minimus

    No wonder so many (ex)Witnesses have problems, huh?

  • mkr32208

    Dating and just normal social interaction with women and girls! I've had a hard time even learning to talk to woman! Luckily when I got to be 16 or so I took this on as a serious project and have become fairly good at it! Not great but good!

    Sports, I was very very very athletic I really think if I had been allowed to participate I could have at least gotten through college on it!

    College, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb... I'm STILL trying to get a degree!

    Future, most of my worldly friends in high school had some idea what they wanted to DO with their lives! I still don't! Admittedly that's a lot of me just wanting to do everything Anneshirley thinks I have adult ADD... I think it also has to do with being told over and over while growing up that you don't have a future in this system you don't ever have to worry about a career blah blah blah

    That's all I can bring to mind right now...

  • KW13

    Exactly! Why plan for something that wont be here...so you don't

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