I said too much

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  • Balsam

    That is the hard thing not saying anything critical of the organization. You have to let them be the ones to talk and you just listen. It takes a long time before they can listen to anything about their precious organization. Just be there for your Mom and listen, you'll get the hang of it.


  • LDH
    But there is a price with honesty

    There is a price with dishonesty too, Vitty.

    Only you can decide which you can afford to pay.


    Count the Cost Class

  • jwfacts

    I recently was attacked verbally by an long term inactive Witness that said I would soon be destroyed by God as an apostate. I was shocked and shaken, but thought 'so will you', the logic is always strange. It hurts but there is nothing you can do about it. Long term you have to make the stand, it is the only way to prevent wasting many years and looking back wondering why.

    The younger you can start building new relationships the easier it will be.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I am in the same boat. Sometimes I want to say something but I hold my tongue. So for the moment I just put on a fake smile and never say anything bad about the org and to try to go to enough meetings and minimal service. It sucks, I am only in for my fam.

  • vitty

    Thanks for all the replies

    I actually told my daughter yesterday we havent been going to our supposedly new congregation, since weve move house and thats been4 months now. We have had a lot going on in the family so she said she understood but I know she knows weve had it , so I just intend to be more attentive towards her, because I know shell be worried about us, but ultimately the balls is in their court

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