Anyone interested in a new Elder Video?

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  • atypical

    Ask them what will happen to a disfellowshipped person who commits suicide. Ask if Jehovah will resurrect him/her. The pc answer will be "only Jehovah knows the heart". Then ask them how the elders can justify ruling judicially on such a person while they are still alive. I have been hammering on that question since my friend killed himself.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Please, please ask them why they claim that a baby born without having had the opportunity to have the breath of life will never get resurrected. Even when the baby is full term such as in an accident with the umbilical cord before the birth. Yet it is considered a life in utero in the scriptures. Also, Jah says that he knows us completely from the very second of conception.

    That is something that I want to have explained to me!!

    Mary in the cabin

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    ooops, I almost forgot... their newest light (probably because of the increased apostasy) now allows divorcing a mate due to his/her apostate stand. There is not a scripture in the bible for that !!!!!

    However, a sister can be married to a drinking, drugging , physically abusive man for years and I mean a man that also beat his own children senseless as well as his wife and they are told that if they seperate from them then they , the innocent party is held blood guilty if the abuser has relations with anyone else and if the new system comes while this is going on then the children will die.... forever.

    However, if he kills one of his own children then they can happily be resurrected. Those bastards are insane!!!!! This new light of divorce based on apostacy is going to be their biggest downfall yet as tens of thousands have been put through the above abuse scenario and still hung on to this stupid belief system however this makes a mockery of their years of tribulation.

    I hope that they all burn in hell.

    That said, I think that I am now out of questions


  • SickofLies

    Alright folks here it is, I have picked the best questions that I thought were relivent and will try and get as many of these in as I can. As you know elders don't like getting asked questions so I don't know how far I will get but I will try my best!

    Narrowed Down list:

    · A friend of mine at school who knows that I’m a JW told me about a dateline show about JW and child molestation, he then mentioned a website Silent Lams dedicated to JW who have suffered from child molestation at the hands of Elders and other witnesses, have you heard of this?

    · If I know of someone in the congregation who is a child molester, and I report him what would you do in that case?

    · At what point would you contact the police?

    · While doing research on the child molestation problem in the congregations, I came across a news article that stated that the WTS was once a member of the UN as an NGO, I checked and found this to be true. Isn’t it hypocritical to join the disgusting thing standing in the holy place, when the WTS says we shouldn’t be part of any political organizations?

    · I was reading some older Watchtower magazines and came across the term ‘Theocratic Warfare Strategy’ what does that mean? Have you ever used it?

    · If Jehovah’s organization is spirit directed, why so many mistakes?

  • candidlynuts

    i'd open with the question:" If i ask you questions about things that are bothering me, will i be accused of being apostate?"

    i doubt you'll get any answers , just blank stares and then the " You've been talking to apostates!! thats THEIR lies!!"

    but good luck..

  • inbyathread
    inbyathread is a free hosting site. The take up to 60MB files. If your video is larger than that just split it up and host part1,2,3 ect.

    If this site is unacceptable, there are many others.

    Looking forward to seeing this.

  • toreador

    Looking forward to the clip! I hope all goes well and you get some reactions.


  • SickofLies

    UPDATE: Everything is going according to plan, I have been phoning every elder in the hall and asking them questions (conversations have been recorded) I hope to post these tomorrow. I suspect they will want to meet with me shortly!

  • freedomlover

    Ha Ha! this is great. I think your questions are perfect. I have to say you probably won't get any answers, it will just be turned back on YOU! But, oh man, to have the ignorance on tape is priceless.....can't wait to hear it. I suppose you won't be going to meetings after this???

    (MENTAL NOTE) - never go to the bathroom or take a shower at sickoflies never know if he'll be WATCHING!!! :)

  • Legolas
    UPDATE: Everything is going according to plan, I have been phoning every elder in the hall and asking them questions (conversations have been recorded) I hope to post these tomorrow. I suspect they will want to meet with me shortly!

    LOL..I'm all ears!

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