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  • mjs mouse, ben
    mjs mouse, ben

    JW Memorial is coming up, I told myself I'm NOT going this year, having a mother a couple brothers and two sisters still "in" all pressuring me to attend, saying things like "this may be the last memorial b4 the END", you've heard the spiel before.....crap like that is putting a lot a pressure on me this year, wish they would just stop it and worry about their own crappy lives!

  • crazyblondeb

    My question is--what do they think going to a memorial is going to do for you?

    Can you make other plans?

    I'd love to go and partake, then ask for some more wine!!


  • PoppyR

    I'm very much in the same boat. However I think I've decided not to go. I feel that if you go you are only perpetuating that you still believe and give your family hope. If you dont go it's a clear sign you have finished.

    I had the 'last memorial before the end' speech, so I asked my mum if going to the memorial would be enough for me to survive armageddon, and she couldn't really answer it was! So I said I'd rather be hung for a sheep as for a lamb! I plan to have something else going on that night!

    Poppy xx

  • Shazard

    Well I HOPE that this would be the last memorial befor Armageddon comes... :) But in reality I guess it will not be so :(

  • penny2

    A lot of posters will be in the same boat. The first year you don't go is the most difficult. If you decide not to go, just tell them straight - it makes it easier in the long run.


  • luna2

    I think people need to get concrete proof that the dubs are touting this as the "last Memorial before the END". You know how their memories are. Next year at Memorial time they will have conveniently forgotten what they said this year to try to scare people into going to the big "celebration". It would be rather satisfying to have this stuff on tape or written in a letter to keep with all of the other WTS lies that are later denied.

  • Frog

    I got the same pressure when I first left the org. I remember my dad telling me that even the lowest of the low who've left the "truth" still attend the org...

    But I was defiant & still refused to go...

    I'll bet you'll feel really empowered when you know the big M has started & you've managed to stand up for yourself and not go. Go out & have fun that night, or just stay in & spoil yourself.

    Stick to your guns matey, and you'll do fine. x

    post script: the pressure dies down with time...

  • damselfly

    After I was d'fe I was invited to the first three memorials afer. I attended the first two out of guilt and had to "work" on the third. I haven't been invited since so that's about 4 years now without an invite.


  • jgnat

    If any of you decide to go, PM me. I have an idea to add a little fun to your visit.

  • EAGLE-1

    Memorial......let me see.....what in the hell is a memorial.....oh!.......nah

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