Donation to "Locks of Love"

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  • Crumpet

    Beautiful kids Brooke - you seem to have an enchanted existence!

    So what happens to the hair?

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    What a treasure, Brooke! She's definitely a daughter of which to be proud. You're doing a wonderful job as a parent. You're children are a legacy of loving-kindness you're bestowing on the world.



  • Jourles

    What can I say? That is how you should raise your kids.

    You can tell Lily that this old fart thinks she looks cute with the short hair. It fits her well.

  • whyamihere
    So what happens to the hair?

    This is the website with all info.


  • delilah

    What a special gift of love....from a special little girl !! They have a charity here that collects hair for wigs, especially for children who need them. A girl on my son's baseball team, 2 years ago, had her long hair cut off for that very purpose before their final game. Her hair was down past her bum, and when she came to the game, she had a short shag...she looked so cute, but she cried about having it cut.

  • HadEnuf

    I can't even hardly tap this out as I have so many tears running down my face. I am SO PROUD of you Brookie and my little Lilykins for doing that for someone who is in need.

    Those are the most precious, beautiful children in my world. You too Brookie. You and Lily done good!!!

    Love, mumsy

    p.s. I am really going to need copies of those pics for a scrapbook Brookie. You know where to find me. HA!

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