Is There Anything That Would Make You EVER Go Back?

by minimus 50 Replies latest jw friends

  • Seeker4

    Hi, Min. NO! S4

  • greendawn

    No, they are so far removed from what is a sound religion that they can't change to become decent and acceptable, if supposedly they do change they will no longer be the WTS.

    Those that rule from up high and control this org can't have it any other way because it won't serve their interests, no doubt things will always remain as they are.

  • minimus

    Undercover----great answer!!! Seeker, how u 2 doin'??

  • Scully

    a lobotomy?

  • xjwms

    Its so funny that this question would be here........earlier today I had been looking for some paper work......and.......

    I ran across a little note to myself, that I wote when I decided to leave.

    The way the elders took away everything that I believed was right and spritual, made me feel like I was hated there.....

    the gossip, slander, the painful all started to come back now......and.....just a few weeks before I have to go to the memorial...

    ME, be an active JW again?????nah not gonna happen.

  • xjwms

    Conditional friends????

    Gawd NO

  • AuldSoul

    An intense and deep-seated desire to devoid myself of any personal relationship with God and all needs for good feelings resulting from a successful decision, along with an ardent longing for 12 men to decide what is the proper range and depth of my thoughts.

    Short of that, nah, can't think of a thing.


  • blondie

    Been there, done that, wasted 10 years of my life. Never again...

    I went to a garden party
    To reminisce with my old friends
    A chance to share old memories
    And play our songs again
    When I got to the garden party
    They all knew my name
    No one recognized me
    I didn't look the same

    But it's all right now
    I learned my lesson well
    You see, ya can't please everyone
    So ya got to please yourself


  • Brigid

    No. Ditto to what college girl said.


  • justsomedude

    Not a chance. I had one imaginary friend until the time I was about 3 years old and then 2 others until I was in my 20s. With the later gone, I see no reason to go back to that publishing company.

    Sorry, guess I'm having a bitter day.


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