Breaking News from WTS Branch-Eclipses are natural

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  • funkyderek


    Maybe next they'll figure out this whole "gravity" thing as well.

    Oh no, they don't believe in gravity. They believe in "the infinite divine wisdom that established each heavenly body in the universe and that controls them". There's no place for gravity if every body in the universe is actually controlled by divine wisdom.


    Krudass, hehe!

  • Woofer

    Now I can sleep tonight!!!

    Thank good the WT was there to explain this.

  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    Um, context fellas..As always hate to rain on the parade....

    This was written in Ghana, the Branch committe was asked their opinion on "eclipses". Apparently some native Ghanaians hold a different view. The Branch committee was just answering a question posed... Lord B'gord.

  • Finally-Free
    As always hate to rain on the parade....

    Really? I never would have guessed that.


  • Jim_TX
    Jim_TX this 'new light'?


    Jim TX

  • skeeter1

    Dear Bethel (or your hired lawyers who read this apostate page), I applaud your concerted effort to quote science right, albeit with a religious twist. It's a very refreshing change for your writing department. Is it your latest effort to look like a reasonable religion?

    But this latest effort does not amend the fact that your blood policy is against science, logic, and ethics. How many have you killed by your quackery & misquotes? Now, Brooklyn, aren't you working on a new blood brochure? I'm sure you have your best (wo)man working on it. Top secret, of course.

    Your humbleness, Skeeter1

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