Breaking News from WTS Branch-Eclipses are natural

by DannyHaszard 25 Replies latest social current

  • lilybird

    more wisdom from the Watchtower university/college program......

  • Nosferatu

    If it ain't on, it could be apostate...

  • kid-A

    Watch out NASA!!!! Its "JW's in SPACE" !!!!

    wow, next thing you know they will be telling us the "earth orbits the sun" and "the planet earth is a round sphere".....

  • Honesty
    "eclipses are marvels of Jehovah's creation, one more evidence that assures us that the universe continues functioning according to the perfect laws He has fixed"

    The Watchtower has just unknowingly admitted thgat the Assyrian Astronomical Charts are accurate. Therefore, 607 B.C. is definitely not the date that Bebuchadnezzar II destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem.

    Thanks are in order to the Branch for their honest statements.

  • Finally-Free

    So now that we're up to speed with this timely information, I wonder when the Watchtower will enlighten us on another crucial issue.

    Do bears really shit in the woods??? Or is this picture a hoax?

  • stillajwexelder

    Oh thankyou Watchtower for completing my education -next you will be telling me Aluminum is a very useful metal

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Wow! They really must have the truth!

  • IP_SEC

    Oh thanks a lot Danny. Now I dont even believe in eclipses anymore!!

  • Spectre


    Maybe next they'll figure out this whole "gravity" thing as well.

  • crazyblondeb

    Go figure why I went to college, when I could have waited on the good ole WTB!! I wonder if that'll be breaking news here in the US, too??Maybe they are going to take man to Mars next!!

    Since they are working so hard, maybe next they will figure out how to shut up the apostates or keep the rank and file off the internet. Evidently their warnings aren't working!


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