I Quit Smoking!

by Nosferatu 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu
    Never say never. I've heard that line from myself and many others more than once. If you can make it 2 or 3 months, then you'll know if you've can do it.

    After that last cigarette, forget it. Goddam thing was broken, so I had to smoke it by holding it together. I wound up in a coughing fit. And the mood swings? I don't wanna ever go through that shit again. It's the cigarette that caused both of those. My last impressions of smoking were horrible.

    And all the positives to not smoking! They're fantastic! Hell, I feel better and I'm happy I accomplished this! My goal was to quit smoking before I turned 30, and I've done that. Next goal: raise the best kid(s) in the world!

  • luna2

    Excellent, Nos! Hope you are able to keep it up.

  • ballistic

    Well done, keep it up! I plan on doing the same soon.

  • Odrade

    Good for you! Such a good thing for the little one's health too.

  • xjwms

    Good for you

    the extra money is nice....

  • atypical

    You mean you didn't just rely on Jehovah and pray a lot? I thought that was all it took to get rid of any bad habit.

    J/K. Good for you, man. I personally feel that one of the biggest signs we are moving on is when we start to stand up for our personal well-being, which of course includes our health.

  • Country_Woman

    Now hopefully your quit is definitely - and try to not compensate the nicotin with sweets....

    (that would probably cost you more then you are saving right now)

  • Es

    Thats great all the best


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