Why did Jehovah create animals that eat blood with the meat?

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  • IP_SEC
    well hell we got moskeetoes dried in fosselized amber like 10 billion years old

    Hahaha Gotcha! Ignerint ignerint ignerint. Everyone knows all fossils are a result of the flood

  • Lilycurly

    LOL! I'll simply never get tired of that T-Rex.

  • osmosis

    Apostate Kate: It's because "vegan" rhymes with "pagan"

    Seriously though, this is another point that's never sat well with me, because irrationality never sat well with me. It is beyond the imagination that every microscopic drop of blood EVER leaves the meat itself.

    Any JW that eats meat (and I know many that do. not to eat meat would smack too much of paganism, after all, thems animals is ours to gobble) has eaten SOME blood, and the eating of it is specifically what is supposedly forbidden, nevermind this transfusion crap.

    Talk about denial.

  • vomit

    Everybody on this earth has drank blood at one point, since white blood cells are passed on through milk.

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