I need help.

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  • Geetarfreek!

    Hey people,

    Here is the deal. I used to have a fire inside me that was determined to make it as a famous musician in a band one day but it has recently been fading away from me. The reason being that the Bible refers to wealthy people not being worthy of being accepted into paradise. I want to be able to be accepted for that beautiful gift but I also want to fulfill my ultimate dream and at least give it a shot but being considered for life in paradise is more important to me. If I was to be in a famous band mai=king a living out of something I love doing would I not be accepted into paradise for being relative wealthy?

    If I'm being honest I think I could make it but I want my fire back and I want to know that if I'm successfull I can still be considered for a lifetime in paradise. By the way the reason I want to be in a band and make it to the big time is not for money, it's because it is my dream, money just happens to be part of it.

    Plkease help.



  • SickofLies

    Well Prince consider this,

    If you don't go after your dram and you end up in a dead end job that you hate and provides no finical security where will that leave you? You will have just as much trouble keeping your faith in that instance as well. Consider the point Jesus was making, he said that with God all things are possible, meaning that on our own no one can make it into paradise.


    Welcome to the board.

  • kid-A

    I say go for it dude! Why not re-arrange the "Kingdom Melodies" as "thrash metal"??? Or a punk rock version of "keep your eyes on the prize?"

    Im sure jehoobie will forgive you your rock and roll indulgences!!! Rock on Garth!!!

  • Legolas

    Greg...The WT is nothing but a scam and a cult!

    Research them and you will see for yourself!

    Welcome to the board BTW...And good luck with your dream of being in a band,I hope it works out for you!

  • Gopher

    Do what you love the most. If you have a God-given talent to entertain others with music, certainly God would not have given that to you to have you waste it.

    Don't worry about the money or the fame. If you do what you love and if it's meant to be, that will come.

    As for the Watchtower teaching that you cannot be rich and please God at the same time, that's not exactly what the Bible teaches. In fact one verse that Paul wrote said that you should be 'liberal and sharing things with others'. How can you share with others if you don't have anything yourself? Being rich in and of itself is no sin.

  • unclebruce

    Jesus said it's harder to get into paradise with big bags of cash than it is to squeeze a camel through the needles (a narrow walkway in Jerusalem? Damascus? Bagdad?).

    So I'm not sure how much money you're talking Greg but I'm pretty sure that in the new system the currency will be in fruit and other fresh produce.

    Also I think it would be a good idea to practice acoustic guitar as much as you can now. Kingdom Melodies Unplugged will be the only hip tunes blaring from the field service speakers in the workers paradise.

    unclebruce ps: if you need a drummer, I hear slugga is available.

  • gumby
    The reason being that the Bible refers to wealthy people not being worthy of being accepted into paradise.

    No it does not. It says that those who are greedy for money will not. It says those so greedy for money that have no time for the Lord will not. Your not greedy for money any more than the next guy.....you simply want to pursue your musical dream.

    perhaps you can look up info on George Benson, and the Williams sisters ( tennis pro's)....they seem to have no trouble with bad consciences for following their dreams.

    My first suggerstion though is to inform yourself of jehovahs Witnesses( from a sceptical viewpoint), and you will find you'll be able to follow your dreams with no reservations.

    Think of it....if everyone were witnesses......we'd never had the Bee Gees fer cripes sake!


    Edited to add......you'll find many examples of rich and wealthy characters in the bible...Abraham, David, Job, Solomon, and many many more.

  • Dismembered


    From one Geetarfreek! to another. Forget "Paradise". Chase after your dream! I listened to them and they stifled my dreams of being in the music business. Don't let them dictate, run away from them. Run after your dream


  • freedomlover


    I apologize if you've given your background already, but I'm assuming that you are still a witness?

    IMO - go after your dreams. Jehovah doesn't care if you follow your dreams - it's the FDS and WTS that want you to work for them and give up your dreams. My hubby is super talented and gave up a lot of music dreams for them. He regrets it. don't repeat this mistake. follow you dream.....live so you'll have no regrets at the end....

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Greg, and welcome to the board.

    I too had a dream when I left university, and gave it up for a false hope of life in paradise. I regret that now, and am trying to resurrect my own dream, and maybe I'll succeed, but I can never make up for the years I lost to the wts.

    You don't have to make the same mistake.


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