E-mail response from an old dub friend......

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  • Hellrider

    Well, some of them are blunt enough to say it straight to your face that Jehovah is gonna kill you on Armageddon day. So for a JW, that mail wasn`t so bad. She sounded like the typical brainwashed JW, but at least not insane enough to pull the "rivers of blood" and "vultures picking out the eyes" and all that crap. She does sound like she is beyond hope, though...

  • sass_my_frass

    Ick, it's creepy isn't it, how vacuous they can be? Tough call, how to play it now... I'd go very quietly for fear of what it would cost, as in, if you're trying to do a successful fade, calling one of the ultra-righteous on the carpet is going to get you disfellowshipped. Somebody suggested a very soft option, a 'oh thanks yes I'm so confused re un etc' I'd play that card if you want to keep her attention; 'things aren't going well for me now'. If she is a real friend, she'll at least not dob you in.

    But then you might just want to walk away, in which case, naff her. There are many people who would like to be a true friend to you.

  • Honesty
    it’s about loving Jehovah and his organization-working together in unity to bring praise to Jehovah.

    Wanna bet she loves the organization more than she loves Jehovah?

  • jstalin

    The end of the end!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Reading that email reminds me of the letters I get from my mom - it's all about the "organization". It makes me want to puke!! I don't respond to them, or even acknowledge I've received it.

    I don't know how I'd respond in your case - but I would be very careful about what you put in writing, you don't know who she would show (elders) the response to. Maybe just thank her for her concern, tell her you are working things out etc.


  • FreeWilly


    It also kinda depends on what you originally wrote. However if it were me, and this was you last email, I wouldn't shy away from being up-front with her.

    In the most resonable tone possible, I would tell her that "Yes, I have found the truth". Love among friends and family wasn't made to be conditional and used as a weapon. Tell her there's a reason why the Society is paranoid about the Internet and outside sources of information. There's a reason why most people are depressed as witnesses. There's a reason why the Society's growth has been stagnant. There's a reason why many people wake up and eventually leave the truth. The Society's perpetual claim that "the end is just around the corner" just doesn't hold water after 125 years! Tell her she should find these reasons.

    I would make her a prediction though.

    * In 20 years the 'End' will still be "Just around the corner".

    * She will still feel like shes not doing enough even though most of her energy was spent in the Society's interests.

    * She will have cast off many more freinds and family at the Society's behest.

    * She will still feel like this world can't go on any longer.

    * What she believed years ago will not be relevant after 20 years of "New light".


  • WLG

    You can tell by the e-mail she is way in...you probably will be wasting you time responding if you try to reason with her, she may delete it as soon as she gets that apostate feeling.

    It's hard to look at family and friends in the eyes when you see them staring at you like you are a murderer or something...I was angry the first time I saw it...now I feel pity for them. They just don't know any different and aren't strong enough of character to really examine themselves, much less the organization.


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