Funny things that people told you

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  • limbogirl

    I interviewed a woman for a job a couple of years ago...during the interview I asked her the standard "what is your strength/weakness" question. In answer to "what do you consider to be your greatest weakness in the context of work" she replied: "well.....I'm not very smart." Needless to say she didn't get the job.

  • Virgochik

    An irate couple came to the post office to ask why they weren't getting any mail at their new place. I asked them if they turned in a change of address notice, and they said, "No! You're the post office! You guys are supposed to know where we live!" I said, well we don't know, if you don't tell us where you went. Woman: "That's bull! It ain't our job to tell you!"


  • GentlyFeral

    Here's one I inflicted on my husband a few years ago:

    Him: "How do you spell 'fossil?"

    Me: " F A U C E L L E . "

    He almost bought it.

    gently feral Still laffin

  • misspeaches

    I remember a pioneer sister telling me one time that if you had your headlights on in the day time it uses up more of your car battery. DUH!

  • damselfly

    I used to work for a large grocery chain. One day a woman brought back broccoli and complained that when she went to cook it she found dirt on the stem. She was gobsmacked when I informed her that broccoli grows in the ground thus a little dirt was to be expected. (where did she think it came from? the broccoli fairy?!)

    Another woman brought back a squeezable bottle of mustard complaining that no matter how hard she squeezed she couldn't get any mustard out. I unscrewed the top and removed the proctetive foil from the bottle, screwed the top back one and handed it back to her. Her friend was in tears.

    Oodles more from that place what a bunch of nuts that shopped there.


  • caligirl

    You can't use tampons before you are married because they make you lose your virginity.

    Coffee will stunt your growth. (same person who told me the tampon story)

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