My second act of personal expression.......

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  • damselfly
  • CaptainSchmideo
    Just because this custom has existed for over 3,000 years (although only adopted in the Western world in the early 1900s) is no reason to believe it will survive another 60 years. That is definitely something to consider.

    So has teeth sharpening, neck elongation, and labia stretching, but I'm figuring those fashion trends may take a little longer to catch on over here in the West.

  • AuldSoul

    To quote Brook Benton, "It's just a matter of time."

  • GoingGoingGone

    Yay for Goddess tattoo!!! Can't wait to see it!! I'll pm you my email just in case it takes you a while to post... I can't wait!

    Um, did you notice that you posted your tattoo experience as your post #666 ???


  • GoingGoingGone

    Oh and CaptainSchmedio -

    I have honestly thought about what you said myself... Tattoos might not last as a trend, they are permanent, etc...

    The thing is, they are permanent on everyone. Polyester pants aren't in style anymore, so people threw them out and you don't see them now. Tattoos are forever, so even if they do go out of style (ie, people stop getting tattoos), you'll still see them everywhere.


  • Scully
    I've often wondered about the Chinese letters though how do you KNOW that's what it says? Maybe he made the symbol for "whore" or something? I mean HOW would you know? That's my biggest concern with a tattoo right now! I would love to get one but what if you found out that the dude had tattooed "fat homo" on your back?

    Simple: Get a temporary tattoo of the character you are considering. Then go to Chinatown and walk around with it exposed. If they start giggling and pointing, it's probably a bad idea to get the real thing. If you're feeling brave, you can ask them "What's so funny? Don't you like my tattoo? What's wrong with it?" Some will be very obliging and tell you what the symbol actually means.

  • ballistic

    Freedomlover, glad you're... enjoying your freedom! Tattoos aren't really my cup of tea, well, not on me anyhow, they're ok in moderation on other people! Well glad to hear you checked the symbol out first, you wouldn't have wanted a rude awakening on your 666th post!

  • merfi

    Though not as deep with meaning as you, I also got tatted about two years ago -- during DF year. A couple of pawprints. Oh man, the ENDORPHINS were incredible.... I couldn't shut up in the car aftewards. I guess, retrospectively, the pawprints *could* stand for the Carolina Panthers superbowl-reaching season that winter. ha. Actually, that winter was the winter that I re-established my relationship with my brother after having talked to him MAYBE every two weeks or so the previous 10 or so years. He was sooo supportive with the whole DF crap and I really leaned on him. He was the booger who introduced me to the love of football and the fanatacism for a team. :) My other tat is a cat that I thought was sooo unique -- until I saw the exact thing on Baby Phat perfume. nice. LOL

    As to what these are gonna look like when I'm an octegenarian (and The End STILL hasn't come), I don't really care. I'll be a hip g'ma at the home. My pawprints will probably have folded over on themselves (they're above my right hipbone) and the cat some elongated (on my back) But oh well -- they were and are for ME and will remind me of a time and a phase. Part of that is feeling free to do it -- the elders and other loyal jdubbers itchy to report seeing a peek of paw be damned.

  • bocephus

    I have been Df for about ten years now wow never really thought about that before . One of my first acts Of defiance was to get peirced . it became an addiction I ended up with 11 peircings at one time I have since taken them all out( They garnered a lot of looks from my kids teachers people wold cross the street when they saw mme coming ) I do understand the need for the spreading of your wings congrats I just wish I could afford to get a quality tat that is the only thing that has prevented me

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    on the personal expression!

    on the tattoo!!

    on the tattoo being a goddess!

    I have 3 more tattoos that I want to get.

    Upper neck, lower back and around the wrist.

    Nose piercing soon to come....


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