Unclebruce Exposed!

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  • damselfly
    I think they're real though!!

    You can tell because they drape to the side a bit. Why am I'm staring at this picture?! LOL! I've been memorized!


  • Clam

    This case has been interesting. The patient has stockpiled a number of images of ventriloquist acts. This behaviour is not uncommon, as any undergraduate studying Freud would note the obsession with men putting their hands up effigies of other men.

    The patient is a macho Australian bushman, a common gay icon and stereotype. This rather reminds me of the “Bushtucker Man” case.

    Dr. Eugene Von Clammenhoff

    Watchtower Society: Try as you might, you cannot repress your true sexuality forever.

  • unclebruce

    LOL @ DrClamVonFraudenJung

    I keep telling myself I won't reply to ambush's but boy you guys just keep reeling me in hook line and sinker.

    Now listen, I've already said I'm a poofter what more do you want? OK - as of today I'm out of the wardrobe, bent as a banana a stark raving queer! The queerest queer that ever dressed as Carmen Mirana. Alright! 'scue me these pumps are killing me ..and its not just a ploy to attract girls

    unc who thinks you guys are in denial Watchtower Society: Try as you might, you cannot repress my true sexuality forever on a paradise earth!

  • Clam

    LOL @ Mincing Uncle Bruce

    I'm not sure if such an act exists Uncle B, but if you like ventriloquism, a great act would be a straight acting stooge ventriloquist operating a drag queen dummy. I can see this being popular in a kind of "travelling around the outback sheep stations in a pink RV with similar acts" kind of of way. Watchtower Society: Try as you might, you can't get hold of tickets for Uncle B's camp ventriloquist act for love nor money.

  • OpenFireGlass
  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Awwww no, I leave JWD for 24 fk'n hours and brucie turns into a poofta!

    *Revokes Brucies NSWOcker Membership*

    I had my doubts all along though, especially when I saw a pic of his humpy

    alt That red can, Its probably full of Joels Spoof !

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