Most irritating adverts

by greendawn 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • tijkmo

    and the ad companies are all dancing with joy..for lo

    people are talking about them

    thats why they make them irritating

  • DanTheMan
    I've grown tired and irritated with the Sonic Drive-In commercials. I think they have beaten a dead horse with them. But, it's only the commercials with the two guys. I still like the ones with the husband and wife.

    We don't have many Sonics where I live so these commercials aren't quite as ubiquitous here as they apparently are in other areas of the country. I've never seen any that aren't with the husband and wife. I think they're a riot! The funniest one (and I've only seen it once) is the one where he hands her an ice-cream sundae and tells her that it's from her secret admirer. Her reaction is priceless, so funny.

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