Bad, bad Brother W.!

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  • DanTheMan
    This same guy used to wait until all the vacation slots were picked, then run up to the Supervisor and say, "Oh, by the way, I've got my assembly on Saturday so I'm not coming in." He was supposed to put his name down for leave on that day when the vacation roster went around but was too arrogant. He demanded religious accomodation if the vacation slots were full. That pissed everyone off, too!

    Oh yes, the persecution-seeking jaydub, one of the most annoying of the species!!

    BTW, "Jehoopla" - did you come up with that one Virgochick? This thread is the first time I've seen it used, and I think it's f'n hilarious!

  • EAGLE-1

    Love the jehoopla.Mind if I start using that word??LOL

  • blondie

    I doubt they would do anything if they found out, unless it was a big story in the community. Now if he had called an elder's wife that.............


  • Virgochik

    "Jehoopla" just popped into my mind one day as I was posting. Makes sense; all the fanfare, drama, and hoopla about this deity's expectations of us mortals that the Witchtower says he said!

    Update: Brother W. is going through a nasty divorce (which I wouldn't wish upon anyone) and so has a grim attitude towards women in general! Seems as tho Sister W. has left him and I'm curious about why, given the JW's views on divorce. Hmmm!

  • wozadummy

    He was at work one day and he just blew up ,and lost his job, and now Pioneers ,and will feature at the assembly,and is'nt it marvelous how Gods spirit works!!?

  • Eyebrow2

    How about taking the high road and just leaving it alone?

    This talk of reporting him to his congregation is a bit sad. Sure, an active witness may do it to you if you are in the same congregation, but hey, isn't stuff like that one of the reasons we complain about how bad the JWs can be?

    If he is being disciplined at work, good for them. He sounds like an ass. But if he isn't affecting your life in any other way, I think you should just leave it alone. It isn't worth it.

    BTW "Jehoopla" is an awesome, awesome word.

  • Virgochik

    When I learned he was going through a bad divorce, I admit I felt sorry for him. Granted, some of these "brothers" don't feel very sorry for other people, say, at judicial comittees, but I do have a heart, and it sounds like he's miserable enough. His life is unraveling. A divorce, and now, in trouble at work. I think he's got enough on his plate for now...

  • beachbugg

    Tattling is one of the major things that I hated about the witnesses. So many people felt the prerogative to be involved in other's lives and then feel self-righteous about being a rat. Don't stoop to that level.......please.

  • theinfamousone

    stupid dubs, they are liars and bastards and obviously hypocrites... really why all the hoopla about what he did? ive heard about this shtuff for years, and we all know what theyre realy about!!! so why the surprose??

    the infamous one

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