The beginning of the end for shunning?

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  • StrongHaiku

    steve2 - Very powerfully stated StrongHaiku. You da man, in my book.

    Lol! Thanks for the kind words, steve2. You made my day.

    On a somewhat related note, for the past 25 years or so, my family would never contact me unless they needed money. A couple of years ago I told them that my money came with a condition - "that they openly have a relationship with me". Have not heard from them since.

    I don't think I am alone here. Many exJWs I would bet are much more successful than the families they left behind. It is sometimes good to remember that they may need us more than we need them. Hey, "theocratic warfare" works both ways.

  • DesirousOfChange

    What I saw being intimated was a sort of 'nu-lite', a difference between df'ing and shunning. in other words, if someone is coming to meetings, then dubs can greet them at the kh only. No socializing. That was the buzz at our kh yesterday.

    This is how the Mormons practice their excommunication.

    Seem the GB likes a lot of things about the Mormons. (Family Worship Night; Caleb & Sophia)

    ?Soon to come: Mandatory Tithing of 10% (??)


  • Vidiot

    DesirousOfChange - "Seem the GB likes a lot of things about the Mormons. (Family Worship Night; Caleb & Sophia)?

    The WTS has a long, proud history of quietly cribbing from other religions, and the Mormons are, admittedly, pretty damn successful (although I have a hard time imagining the WTS ever being as merciful). If that shit works... well...

    IMO, the LDS is like the WTS's weirder-but-nicer older cousin (who might be an ex-hippie), plus they seem to have shed any chips they may have had on their shoulders long ago (whereas the WTS seems like it has nothing but chips on its shoulders).

    DesirousOfChange - "Soon to come: Mandatory Tithing of 10% (??)"

    I gotta say; we're a lot closer to it today than we were, say, two years ago...

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