Converation with Active Dub

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  • garybuss

    My dad told me he knows all of the Society's dirty laundry and he doesn't care if it's the truth or not, he likes being a Witness. He likes the regimen of meetings and study and service. He likes the changes and the backbiting and the competition. It's the only life he's known. There ya have it.

  • pratt1

    My breaking point was definitely the shunning of friends and family members. I just couldn't see the rationale behind it. It opened my eyes and forced me to look further.

    My friend however is an unique case. He has been Dfed 3 times. He was an abusive husband. He was involved in one of the biggest insurance scams every committed in this country and most of the victims were dubs.

    Although he has cleaned up his act in some areas, I would never enter a business transaction with him because, I just don't think that he has a sene of fairness when it comes to money.

    He is and has been a devoted friend and has been helpful to my parents in the past when they needed him, hence our strong connection.

    My confusion is, if you can live a lie and a double life, isn't it possible that the Men you look to for guidance (Governing Body) are during the same and may only have their best interest at heart, not the best interests of the Rank and File?

  • Gregor

    Fear of the whole shunning thing and it's ramifications (spouse,family friends and possibly even employment) holds a lot of people captive. Playing along is way easier than upsetting the above apple carts.

    Add in to all the above pressures the fact that your entire, institutionalized way of life, such as the GB and other 'career' JW's have lived all their life is part of the sacrifice and you begin to appreciate why a member of the GB who makes the "truth sausage" and knows what goes into it has to bite his tongue and pretend it's all wholesome spiritual food that is going into the Watchtower. Yesiree, no rodent droppings, insect larvae or spoiled meat trimmings in this spiritual food!!

  • sass_my_frass

    some seed is quite likely to fall on the soil that is good, fine and pure.... just keep throwing the seed, slowly, slowly!

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