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  • pratt1

    I had drinks with a friend of mine who is still active in the "lie".

    I asked him point blank if he still believes that the "end" will come in his life time. He grew up as a dub and is in his early 40's. He answered that he hopes so. This is a big difference from his former position, in the past he has been adament that the "end" would come soon.

    Even with his change in position, he still refuses to read any material that does not fully support the dubs. I can't even get him to acknowledge the UN fiasco. He is socially deeply connected into the Borg, but just how faithful is he if he consideres me, an ex dub, and smoker his best friend.

    Trying to at least get him to discuss openly the doctrines of his religion, I aked him to have a bible study with me. His answer: he didn't feel qualified to study with me and he would ask an elder in his hall to do it.

    Of course I refused his offer, and we changed the subject, because he was getting very uncomfortable and I was getting mad.

    I know in his heart he does not believe, but I can't undertand why he won't openly admit it.

    Do you know other Dubs who refuse to admit the truth about the Borg?

  • blondie

    Me about 8 years ago

  • deeskis

    yeah, my parents on the weekend. they said they know it has faults but so had king david?!

    you planted the seed anyway

  • blondie

    Yes, the WTS forgives their own faults but condemns all other religions and individuals to permanent oblvion in the near future for theirs.


  • unique1

    I know many like this. I used to be one of them. Perhaps something will happen to jar them a little bit, like it did me. One can only hope.

  • pratt1

    I agree that I also see myself in my friend ( ten year ago) but I see almost fear in his eyes went I begin to talk about the flaws of the Borg.

    He seems to be logically in so many other ways, but he fears hearing anything apotaste-ques.

    I wonder where people like him would draw the line, would they go on a hunger strike for the borg? Would the leave their homes and possessions for the Borg? Would they hurt themselves physically for the Borg? Would they hurt others for the Borg?

    Where does the mind control end?

  • beautifulisfree

    Yep I do- My (ex) best friend follows NOTHING the WTS says and lives a lie or as the wts would call it a 'double life' yet she now refuses to talk to me or be seen with me...because its been rumored that I am an apostate. oh and I also suggested that she check into her religion to see if it was 'the truth' and that coc was a fine book to get started. Yep she leads a worse life then me but I am the bad one...

  • carla

    Mine says he has 'problems' with a number of things but won't say what. Just because there are problems doesn't mean we should quit gathering together and the org is still led by jah, blah, blah, you know the routine.

  • PoppyR

    Lets get real, I imagine that most on this board were once or are still baptised witnesses, and as such we accepted it all.. I remember about 4 years ago I joined an online group purporting to be for witnesses and it turned out to be an 'apostate' group. i was horrified and fired off an indignant email to the group leader asking them WHY do they insist on trying to stop others believing, I was so blinded. And I have to accept why my family now dont talk to me AT ALL about 'the truth' because they have heard that I have read apostate books! Which actually suits me fine. It's frustrating but we should remember and understand!

    Poppy xx

  • blondie

    I'm sure that with most of us we didn't leave immediately when we discovered the WTS had lied or deceived. Eventually, there was that "straw that broke the camel's back." Thnk about yourself, what was that. For me it was the abuse issue and lying elders...just couldn't be part of it any more.

    What was your tipping point? Could it be theirs? If not what could it be and could it be that more time is required for them to get where we are?


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