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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Actually people tell me I am funny. Life is fun. (these days) No more silly people like you judging me for not using a highlight pen to the glory of Jehovah.


  • lucifer

    dear youpeople...thank you so much for your warning for us eager jws like yourself to stay off this site(but why were you here?) I like yourself want to please jeboobah, I am just as blind to the lies in the "truth" that you are, I like yourself, bug people saturday mornings, probably the only day those bad worldy people get to sleep in. I like yourself shun my own family if they don't agree with the sacred word of the watchto...uhh i mean bible. I like yourself would refuse to save my life or childs life by taking blood because the governing bod...uhh i mean god told us to( i think thats what the new light now is right??) I like yourself smile at the idea of armageddon, where millions of women, men and children will be murdered by our all loving god, but thats normal don't worry the supports us. We have so much more in common....again thank you for not being a hypocrite telling others to stay off apostate sites when you are on one yourself, and yes I will count this as Time for the Service of Jeboobah, Thank you. Yours forever ,Lucifer

  • lola28

    Oh my freaking god! I am so upset, on one told me apostates could sleep around and do drugs! Darn it to hell! I have been missing out all this time, why didn't anyone send me the memo?

    Listen up you little prick, take your judgments and shove them up your behind because you clearly don't know WTF you are talking about. I am not DFed, I don't sleep around I don't drink and the hardest drug I have ever done is baby Tylenol. Do some research, I bet you that if you are a decent person you won't be able to stay in after you learn the truth about the Society.


  • Billygoat

    I love how JWs paint with such a wide sweeping brush. Sooo christian.

  • Celia
    if you don't want the religion fine, but leave it at that.

    great counsel, but someone who doesn't want to be a JW anymore won't be left alone by the Watch Tower Society and its loyal members. The Watch Tower Society and its drones will do everything to make your life miserable in breaking-up your family.

  • Quentin

    Okay, I read it, so what's your point? Your better than us?

    There will come that time when you'll get kicked in the teeth over something that doesn't amount to a hill of beans...when it happens, all those loving brothers and sisters will be gleefully kicking the shit out of you while your down...JWs love being better than others, while stomping a mud hole in them...your time is short my friend, it will happen.

    In the meantime enjoy...when it happens come back to our loving arms...we will help you. That you can count on...

  • KW13

    Well i welcome any second opinion as much as the others do here so firstly Welcome to the forum.

    You say people here are set on pulling the faith down? Odd really considering how when you've left you see what damage it can do and you just wanna save others from the same pain you felt.

    No 'real' friends? ha ha you can't of been looking carefully at the board, lots of meet-ups e.t.c with people who get on amazingly well, thats the beauty of common knowledge and similar interests.

  • free2beme

    When I see things like this, I often wonder if it is just a poster that we all know, looking to have little fun messing with people and saying things they know would be irritating, if we were children in the mind.

  • Mary
    one thing i know without doubt is that even if the truth was wrong, it is the best way to live simply because it doesn't want to involved in the depraved things going on in this world...

    Yawn........ya right duffus.......whatever you run along like a good little boy and count this as "time" on your Service Report.

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