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  • unclebruce

    Hey Auld Soul,

    Are you an apostate or a loyal JW like Gumby?


  • ballistic
    that you are so bitter and twisted

    Do I look bitter to you?

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    Yeah its fun to go out and have take drugs, sleep around and party etc, but the joy doens't last, make you feel hollow, you make no real friends, you end up hanging round with other ex-witnesese (strange that, not true, what are you doing on here then?)

    Funny you should say that. Because I have been in a MONOGAMOUS relationship for OVER A YEAR (no sleeping around).

    I haven't done drugs since I LEFT the witnoids. Could it be true happiness perhaps?

    Party? I dunno...unless you count hanging out and playing music and having fun with your REAL FRIENDS who don't JUDGE you or SHUN you partying...

    Hollow? Nope...sorry...I haven't felt hollow or depressed since leaving.

    And I've only ever ''hung out'' with one ex witness since leaving. We did have fun though.

    Dude...I promise you. The world is not that bad. Trust me. For once, the grass IS greener on the other side.

    I ENCOURAGE ALL YOUNG WITNESSES TO COME TO THIS SITE!!! never just might learn something.

    luv, jojo

  • jaredg
    Anyway those skilled appostates that will look at my words and twist them and try and make what I say suit them - don't bother, I only came on here to have a rant at you for once, and i won't be reading your replies, your opinions are hilarious and only effect the weak, no doubt you'll have a good go though, it would be very very funny, it hard to resist staying around for the argument but i won't. Enjoy yourselves.

    HAHAHA...typical brainwashed JW......rabble rabble rabble....then with fingers in ear...LA LA LA LA LA LA

  • inbyathread

    There are just a few people that will know if you do come back and view the comments here. Yourself but you will deny that. God will see you but he isn't saying much right now. The WebMaster Simon. He could look at your ISP address. It might be coded here but he gets the real deal. He can check log in times and addresses. He knows, but he too has integrity and won't divulge that information. I'm sure the temptation is there as he will have to hold that information to himself. You're not fooling anyone but yourself. Glad to see you back.

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    Do I look bitter to you?

    OMG!!! NO! You're HOT ballistic! wow-wee!

    luv, jojo

  • wombat


    Gotcha again...............

  • ballistic
    You're HOT ballistic! wow-wee!

    hehe - you apostababes are all too much since I put my pic up! The conversation was getting pretty hot last night I recall. lol

  • primitivegenius
    one thing i know without doubt is that even if the truth was wrong, it is the best way to live simply because it doesn't want to involved in the depraved things going on in this world, like I've said they'll be some bad apples but they are a minority.

    you speak of the good upbringing that you had as a jw, i had the same exact upbringing. i have done nothing to warrant disfellowshipping(as if there ever could be a reason for dfing).

    both myself and my wife FOUND JESUS, became christians and attend church. thats it, no partying, drinking, drugs. by going to church i have found a falsehood in your sayings. the jws do not have a monopoly in raising up children by bible standards. they are not the only religion that does this and they are definately no where near the best at it.

    the problem with them(one of many) is the fact that they are like the pharsees of old, they put more weight on man made rules and regs than on the spirit of the word. i can totally forgive an occasional idiot in any religion for acting crazy or whatever. problem lies with the gb since they put out such false things. my family are loyal dubs to the end. they just found out that im officially APOSTATE, and i told them straight up, how can i be apostate when you never had the truth.

    im closer to jehovah AND JESUS than i ever was before. happy to go to church and hate it when i have to miss. can you say the same thing? i know when i was a dub i was depressed and hated going.

    the church i go to has a jw outreach minestry helping christians deal with dubs and giving them points to make a dub think. this minestry also helps jws to leave the org by showing them what the bible truely says. now the same night its held, the church also holds a singles minestry, where singles of all races, all ages come for fellowship with other singles. they have live christian music, and food. so as i go to my minestry of choice i see these single people, a lot of them are young, meeting together in a manner that shows what kind of morals they have been raised with.

    thats just one point against the dubs there are thousands more. if you can come here and read about the un, about rand and the other things that the gb is involved with and remain a witless then thats on you. dont worry many of us will pray for you anyways because god loves us all, and wants all of us to love him back

  • unclebruce

    LOL - Hey Ballistic - just whatchout apostacat Joel doesn't see ya pretty face (alas poor slugga I knew him well).


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